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Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests

TheBody regularly partners with some of the leading HIV care providers in the country to bring you information about every aspect of HIV/AIDS -- prevention, treatment, legal issues, mental health concerns, you name it. This section on understanding HIV-related lab test results is a prime example: Throughout these pages, you'll see questions from real folks, along with answers from top experts in the field.

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CD4 rapidly dropped after getting Hep A and influenza vaccines despite consistent undetectable viral load.

Dear Dr. Holodniy, My baseline CD4 was 334, after 4.5 months of treatment it went up to 550 and VL was undetectable. However, 2 weeks after the last CD4 test (550) my doctor had me to get Hep A and influenza vaccines. I was concerned that the vaccine...

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VDRL positive after 5 years

I was infested with syphilis twice (in 2013 and 2014) and the apex of the titres was 1/160. After taking the moldamin treatment, my titres started to decrease to 1/2. It's been 5 years since treatment and my results still show 1/2 positive VDRL. Is...

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Drug time

If you are taking your drug 6am and you've forgotten a single day and wen you realised its 10 am is it okay ?

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How to know if my viral load

Hi I wish to know how to see if the viral load is up or down ?2234 is it to high or?

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CD4 levels get low

Hi doctor, have a good day. I started to take medication a year ago. On my last check i found that in Three months my CD4 cells got lower from 708 to 609. I taken all days my medicine but in the last month i could'n take it in the same hour all days...

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Affordable doctor visits

I was diagnosed with HIV about a year ago. I was able to get through my appointments and was issued Genvoya. I notice my doctor visit are now costly. I need to come back for a follow up and confirm if the ARV meds prescribed are working, but my insur...

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In January 2017 I was diagnosed with neurosyphilis and initial RPR 1:256. I was treated with Penicillin IV for 2 weeks. 7/2017 RPR= 1 :128 12/2017RPR= 1:128 4/2018 RPR= 1:256 I did not engage in any risky behavior and showed no clinical signs of rei...

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Vdrl 1:2 and tpha 1: 320

Tested for vdrl and tpha with positive results. Is there any chance to make vdrl negative after treatment..

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VDRL RPR titer 1:16 to 1:4

Hello, Initially 2.5 years back, I had VDRL RPR titer of 1:16 and I took treatment post which titers went down to 1:4. Even now titers stand at 1:4 and is not becoming non reactive. Am I still infected? Can I marry and have kids?

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After treatment, titer of RPR changes from 1:2 to 1:4 after 5 months. What does it mean? Does it show improvement or more problematic?