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HIV Treatment and Medical Care

Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests

TheBody regularly partners with some of the leading HIV care providers in the country to bring you information about every aspect of HIV/AIDS -- prevention, treatment, legal issues, mental health concerns, you name it. This section on understanding HIV-related lab test results is a prime example: Throughout these pages, you'll see questions from real folks, along with answers from top experts in the field.

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Can I fall pregnant while on Acriptega? Or is it hard?

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Titer from 1:8 to 1:32

I was preciously treated for syphillis and my previous labs showed RPR titer 1:8. My most recent labs show RPR titer at 1:32. Does this mean I was exposed to syphilis again or does the titer fluctuate without re-infection?

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Potential exposure to tuberculosis?

Hi, I'm a 40 y.o. Asian gay man living in Saigon, Vietnam. I've been on meds since 2012 and have been undetectable since then. Perfect health: I bike to work, do yoga, eat well, I have a great career and a great partner. I work in a university and on...

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My numbers want from 1.16 than got tested again on the 15 of this month and its a 1.8 than mean I got to take shots💉 again or am I am good?????

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Please help me

I'm undergo ARV for a year I had my anniversary laboratory test last month and the result of my Viral load is HIV-1 RNA detected HIV-1RNA detected <34 copies/ml It says HIV-1 detected but outside linear range of quantification what do...

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Viral Load Increase

I have been undetectable for over 6 years now. I did recently switch to new meds but I have had blood work once since the switch. My RNA-1 number has always been <20. The last test it is now 40. Have I got re-infected with a new strain? I was on wo...

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1:4 reactive means???

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Recurring flu

Hello , i have been on genvoya since march 2017 and i am undetectable ever since with one small blip of 110 within the last six months but was undetectable after that. I am having recurring flu with fever from october. I recover than i get another fl...

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Positive Treponemal AB/Negative RPR. Syphilis?

These were my initial lab results that popped positive for Syphilis/Treponemal AB but negative for RPR and MHATP. The tests were done in January and my last exposure was in October. Because of a recorded Penicillin allergy back when I was a child, th...

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Vdrl positive with 1:2 titre and tpha 1:160

I was diagnosed with both vdrl and tpha positive. Vdrl test is done every 8 months as am working abroad. I can go back only if vdrl becomes negative. Like to know how long it will take vdrl to become negative after treatment. Have took penicillin ben...