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Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests

TheBody regularly partners with some of the leading HIV care providers in the country to bring you information about every aspect of HIV/AIDS -- prevention, treatment, legal issues, mental health concerns, you name it. This section on understanding HIV-related lab test results is a prime example: Throughout these pages, you'll see questions from real folks, along with answers from top experts in the field.

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Need clarity

My viral load is undetectable and my t-cell is 1200+ however should I be alarmed if my absolute cd3 is 2312 and listed H. Also my absolute cd3/cd4 helper listed H showing 1403. Plus my ccd3/cd4 suppressor listed H at 876. Is this ok

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Vdrl titer 1:4 to 1:8 after treatment

I was diagnosed with syphilis titer 1:4 when I went for a medical checkup. After the check up, the doctor give me 3IM of Benzathine Penicillin shot for 3 weeks ( 1 week interval for each shot). After a week of completing the treatment I went to do bl...

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Question about RNA result

Hello, I have been on ART (Atripla) for about 5+ months now. Last week I took a RNA test to check my viral load. The results were: 6.51 x 10(1) Because Im currently living in a country where I dont speak the language well, I was not able to obtain an...

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CD4 count drops 1000

My CD4 count was 1400. Recent test says it is 276. Viral load is still undetectable. I was in the hospital for asthma issues and a dog bite, a week prior to the new blood work. I go every 4 months for testing. Why the big drop? Also, I am taking Ge...

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Prednisolone and cd4 count

Does prednisolone cause viral load to drop I have been on steroids for a while and my cd4 count dropped to 260

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Viral load

What is the meaning of a viral load of 132

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Hi am 25years old male ,On August 2018 I had taken penicillin 2.4 for Syphilis 1:64 and on 23rd January 2019 I got tested again and my titre went down to 1:32 ,so my doctor given me another shot of penicillin Why my titre doesnt went down to zero in ...

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?'s abt "high" RPR

Hi, my husband had blood work done&his RPR(Quant) was 1:4 *high" ending with them telling him he has Syphilis...No other bloodwork has said this in our 4 years together. So got a PCP appt (4wks later)& we both stressed this test result til then. His ...

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Syphilis titer still the same after 1 1/2 month while pregnant

My rpr titer is still 1:32 after treatment I have been retested two times after treatment in the last 1 in a half months and it still hasn't went down and I'm 24weeks pregnant should I be worried.

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Confuse with my viral load result (undetectable/ detectable)

Hello ! I am taking my meds and it is working very well. But lately I would like to know why my Viral load result stating its < 20 detectable I thought if you have less than 20 VL will be consider undetectable. Thank you !