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Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests

TheBody regularly partners with some of the leading HIV care providers in the country to bring you information about every aspect of HIV/AIDS -- prevention, treatment, legal issues, mental health concerns, you name it. This section on understanding HIV-related lab test results is a prime example: Throughout these pages, you'll see questions from real folks, along with answers from top experts in the field.

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I have history of syphilis

I was infection with syphilis and with report 1:2 reactive so doctor given dose of antibiotics and and now after 2 moths I tasted again but found 1:1 reactive but said no need of further medicine ,it is normal but I afraid it will rise again . Also i...

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Syphilis leucoderma

Im little scared.3years ago i got year after my doctor suggested me a blood test and turns out that im ill.i never had standart symptoms- rash etc.before blood test(vrdl1:32ntpha 12000!!) i started have a only white patches in my mouth ...

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Sphyillis Tests - caught early?

I donated blood on 02/05. Just received infection screening. MHA-TP positive & Sphyillis negative. My partner had unprotected sex 01/24. He has not noticed sores nor I. Im getting annual check up tomorrow. From what Ive read my interpretation of my...

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Understanding CD4%

Dear Dr. Could you please explain how CD4% is used to monitor changes in CD4 count? Thanks!

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Alcohol reduce ARV effect

Will alcohol and weed reduce the ineffectiveness of ARVs (acriptega)

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Years of Rejection

I am reading this sites questions, and I wonder why I have been rejected for over 25 years from Donating blood. I am O positive and have been diagnosed with Herpes virus back in 1980s. Is this why my blood is rejected by Red Cross. I have also heard ...

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Bleeding Disorders Associated With ART

Hi, I am writing about my partner, Long Term Survivor, on ART x 20 years. He recently was scheduled for elective in hospital surgery. Pre-op screening all completed, his PT/PTT WNL . Liver enzymes WNL ( However he has Fatty Liver). Once surgery start...

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Low absolute neutrophils

I am a 60 year old male, HIV+, CD4 count ranging between 312 and 469, undetectable viral load. My neutrophils 2.5 years ago were 3708 and have bounced around in values but have been in the 1100 to 1500 range since December 2016. My WBC count is 3200...

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Effect of testosterone on immune system

Hi Dr. Holodniy, I want to sincerely request you to answer my query. I was on trt for almost a year before I was diagnosed hiv positive in the month of October last year. Since then I stopped trt and fell in to depression. My question to you , will u...