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Understanding HIV-Related Lab Tests

TheBody regularly partners with some of the leading HIV care providers in the country to bring you information about every aspect of HIV/AIDS -- prevention, treatment, legal issues, mental health concerns, you name it. This section on understanding HIV-related lab test results is a prime example: Throughout these pages, you'll see questions from real folks, along with answers from top experts in the field.

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Hy Doctor. I had been tested positive for syphilis with VDRL titre 1:16 reactive and 1:32 minimal reactive. I received 2 penicillin injections with gap of 21 days . But the titre has settled at 1:8 and is not moving down even after taking pentids 400...

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spots on spleen?

A woman in prison who is living with HIV was taken to the ER and told she has spots on her spleen. She was not given any more info. What could it be and what tests should she ask for?

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Antiretroviral and detection part two

Thank you Dr. For answering my question about how quickly you can become untectable. Assuming that since antiretrovirals can show undetectable levels in as little as a week, am I correct in thinking That if you took yourself off the meds that you cou...

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Low VL - High CD4

I've been on Genvoya since March 2016 and was undetectable within a month. Recently, in December 2018, my VL was 250 on lab test (I realized my vitamin was having interactions with the Genvoya. In January, the VL went down to 50. March 4, VL was at ...

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Titer of 1:8 after treatment

I got treated for syphilis and they tested me my titer is 1:8 I have not been re exposed because I have not had sex since I was told I was positive. My question is can I have sex with my wife and my titer is 1:8 with out getting her sick again becaus...

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Rpr 1:4

My rpr titer was 1:4 , two years back,Ive completed 3 doses of penicillin shots, but my recent rpr titer still shows the same 1:4 .. im worried if treatment was successful

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about Parvovirus

Do you Know the conversion factor between UI/ml and copias/ml of parvovirus? thank you

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What are the benefits of HPV vaccine for a HIV+ with anal warts?

My doctor diagnosed me with anal warts and she told me to get vaccinated with HPV vaccine. I no longer plan to be sexually intimate with anyone and has chosen to be abstinent. My question is, would the vaccine benefit me? Does it prevent complication...

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Rpr titer rises from 1:8 to 1:16

Good day ! What does it mean if my titer is higher than my last does it means im still infected with syphilis? Even i already take penecilin? Thanks.