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Swaziland: Shortage of Funds to Fight Ignorance and Disease -- AIDS and HIV

Swaziland's HIV rate is the world's highest. More than one-fourth of adults are HIV-positive, and approximately half of the deaths of children under five are virus-related. And, despite governmental efforts, Swazis' grasp of HIV/AIDS information rema...

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Guardian Examines Swaziland's HIV Epidemic

The Guardian examines the HIV epidemic in Swaziland, writing, "While neighboring countries have made inroads against the disease, the mountain kingdom of one million people continues to suffer setbacks, partly due to cultural norms around sexuality b...

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PRI's "The World" Examines Role of Churches in Fight Against HIV in Swaziland

PRI's "The World" examines the role of churches in the fight against HIV in Swaziland. The news service highlights several church-run HIV programs, writing, "Churches have long played an important role in caring for the sick, but in terms of HIV prev...

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HIV Prevention at Swaziland's Reed Dance

Swaziland's annual Reed Dance is a ceremony in which bare-breasted teenage girls from across the country dance before the royal court. King Mswati III -- Africa's last ruling monarch, who already has 13 wives -- has in the past selected a new spouse ...

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Swaziland's King Mswati Urges Men to Get Circumcised to Prevent HIV Infection

Swaziland's King Mswati III on Friday called on men in the kingdom to get circumcised to help reduce their risk of contracting HIV, Agence France-Presse reports. "Urging his nation to 'take care of your lives -- stay away from activities that could g...

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AIDS-Hit Swaziland Sees Reason for Hope

Swaziland's HIV prevalence rate is the world's highest, more than one-quarter of residents ages 15 to 49 are believed to carry the virus, but an activist there sees some rays of hope. Sipho Dlamini, programs director for the Swaziland National Networ...

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My Visit to Swaziland: The Country With the World's Highest HIV Prevalence Rate: A Blog Entry From Positive Policy

This article was cross-posted from the blog.

Last week, I wrote about my attendance at the PEPFAR annual meeting in South Africa, the country that has more people living with HIV (over 5 million) than any other country in the world. After t...

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PEPFAR Donates Computers to Swaziland's Ministry of Health

PEPFAR on Wednesday donated eight computers to Swaziland's Ministry of Health to aid in the country's ability to track the progress of the nation's HIV/AIDS programs, the Swazi Observer reports. According to the newspaper, the computers will be distr...

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HIV Prevention Efforts in Five African Countries Not Reaching At-Risk Groups, Report Says

National HIV prevention strategies in at least five African countries are not reaching the groups most at risk of infection, according to a report from UNAIDS and the World Bank conducted in conjunction with the national HIV/AIDS authorities of Kenya...

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Sexual Violence Aimed at Girls, Women in Swaziland Linked to High HIV/AIDS Risk, Other Health Issues, Report Says

A new report commissioned by UNICEF and CDC and recently published in the journal Lancet found that one in three girls in Swaziland has experienced sexual violence by age 18, which can lead to serious health issues such as HIV, IRIN/PlusNews reports....