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HepConnect Initiative Aims to Reduce Hepatitis C in the Heart of the Opioid Epidemic

The Harm Reduction Coalition is launching a new strategy of supporting local advocates in five key states of the Appalachian region.

By George Kevin Jordan

HIV Rapid Testing & Treatment Must Be a Priority at Fulton County Jail

Georgia HIV activist Shyronn Jones decries a recent statement from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office that it had stopped rapid HIV testing for inmates because the practice was "antiquated."

By Shyronn Jones

Hurricane Michael's Impact on People Living With HIV and How You Can Help

People living with HIV in Florida's panhandle have been left to wonder not only where they will be able sleep tonight, but also where their next dose of antiretroviral medication will come from.

By AIDS United

In Miami, a Potential HIV Outbreak Under a Highway Underpass Raises Ethical Questions

Homeless rights advocates are concerned by the heightened presence of authorities in a Miami encampment.

By AIDS United

As HIV Rates Soar in Louisiana, LSU Withholds PrEP Coverage

Baton Rouge has had the highest HIV rates in the nation for years. Yet, Louisiana State University's biggest insurance policy does not cover PrEP.

By Ryan Lee

In North Carolina, an HIV Criminalization Reform Bill Passed, but People Who Aren't 'Undetectable' Remain at Risk

North Carolina's unique journey to HIV criminalization reform might serve as a roadmap for other advocates hoping to modernize their own state's laws. But it hasn't been without controversy.

By Sony Salzman

In Stacey Abrams, HIV Advocates Could Finally Have an Ally in Georgia's Governor's Mansion

A pitched primary battle between two young, female candidates for a space atop the state's Democratic gubernatorial ticket has already garnered interest from the national media, and it should be on the radar of HIV advocates across the country as wel...

By Drew Gibson

A Moment of Outrage With a Silver Lining

Betty Price's comments about HIV spark backlash while her committee quietly issues a well-reasoned critique of Georgia's HIV criminal laws.

By Catherine Hanssens, Esq. for The Center for HIV Law and Policy

Gilead Will Help Fund the Fight Against HIV in Southern States. Is That a Mixed Blessing?

Big Pharma money can beef up public health efforts. But it can also distract from unchecked drug pricing -- and from government negligence.

By Tim Murphy

Injection Drug Use-Related HIV Infections Skyrocket in Northern Kentucky, Underscoring Immediate Need for Syringe Access Programs

All signs point toward what could be a major HIV outbreak like that seen in rural Indiana in 2014. This time, will local officials act before it spirals out of control?

By Drew Gibson