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Testing Integration of PrEP Into Prevention Services for Sex Workers in Senegal Img

Testing Integration of PrEP Into Prevention Services for Sex Workers in Senegal

AVAC's Kevin Fisher visited a PrEP demonstration project focused on female sex workers in in Dakar, Senegal, and provides this look at PrEP implementation in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Chicago Tribune Examines HIV/AIDS Prevention, Education Efforts in Senegal

Chicago Tribune reporter Jessica Reaves on Sunday examined efforts to fight HIV/AIDS in Senegal. According to Reaves, government sponsorship of HIV/AIDS prevention and education programs, the involvement of religious leaders, and the country's legali...

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Senegal: Clandestine Sex Workers Linked to Rising HIV/AIDS Rates

Senegal has one of Africa's lowest HIV/AIDS infection rates -- less than 1 percent -- but vulnerable groups such as sex workers and gay men have higher HIV prevalence. Currently, HIV infection among legal sex workers in Dakar has risen to 21 percent,...

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Male Clients of Brothel Prostitutes as a Bridge for HIV Infection Between High-Risk and Low-Risk Groups of Women in Senegal

The researchers conducted a sexual-behavior HIV prevalence survey on male clients of female prostitutes working in brothels in Dakar, Senegal, to investigate the degree to which these men act as a bridge for HIV transmission to the general population...

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Taboo Against MSM in Senegal Threatening Country's Low HIV Prevalence, Experts Say

A "deeply ingrained taboo" against men who have sex with men in Senegal is preventing many HIV-positive MSM from seeking treatment and putting the group at "high risk" of HIV infection, the AP/Advocate reports. MSM can be tried in Senegal for committ...

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In AIDS-Ravaged Africa, Senegal Is a Beacon of Hope

The prevalence of HIV infection among adults in Senegal is about 1 percent, while nearly 36 percent of adults in Botswana are infected with HIV and almost 20 percent are infected in South Africa. Senegal's low infection rate is the direct result of i...