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The Criminalization of COVID-19 is Happening in New Orleans. We Have Been Here Before.

Louisiana authorities continue to find ways to criminalize Black communities rather than provide for their health and safety.

By S. Mandisa Moore-O’Neal
AJ Johnson and Millicent Foster

After Years as a Top City for HIV Diagnoses, Baton Rouge Advocates Are Cautiously Hopeful

"Yes, the numbers are going down, but don't get too excited."

By Tim Murphy
Noel Twilbeck, Donna Ford and Dorian-Gray Alexander

In Post-Katrina New Orleans, HIV Rates Have Fallen While PrEP and HIV Care Have Increased

Poverty, stigma and racial health disparities drive HIV rates that are among the nation's highest. But expanded Medicaid and PrEP access seem to have contributed to a recent drop in new cases.

By Tim Murphy