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Trump Policy Harming Kenya, Uganda Health Services Img

Trump Policy Harming Kenya, Uganda Health Services

Early effects of U.S. restrictions to global health aid include cuts to essential health services in Kenya and Uganda, resulting in a loss of training and equipment and widespread confusion about implementation.

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Kenya Considers How PEPFAR Technical Guidance on MSM Squares With Laws Against Homosexuality

PEPFAR's recent release of its "Technical Guidance on Combination HIV Prevention" (.pdf) for men who have sex with men (MSM) "could force countries like Kenya who are strongly opposed to men having sex with men to backtrack," Nairobi Star/allAfrica.c...

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The MTV Drama Raising HIV Awareness in Africa

Debuting last year, an MTV soap opera set and filmed in Nairobi, Kenya, follows a group of students in the era of AIDS. The bold, cutting-edge style of "Shuga" distinguishes it from many other television shows in Africa, and its non-preachy reflectio...

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Some Sex Workers in Kenya Might Carry Gene That Protects Them From HIV, Study Finds

Some commercial sex workers in Kenya who apparently are immune to HIV might be carrying a gene that protects them from contracting the virus, according to a study presented last week at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, the EastAfrica...

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Study Lifts Lid on Kenya's Child Prostitution

Findings presented by UNICEF at the 16th International AIDS Conference showed that a "significantly higher" proportion of child prostitutes in Kenya reported having anal sex than their adult counterparts, mostly to preserve their virginity or because...

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PlusNews Profiles Kenya NGO That Seeks to Involve Men in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

PlusNews on Monday profiled the Kisumu chapter of the Movement of Men Against AIDS in Kenya, a nongovernmental organization with a national membership of more than 6,000 mostly HIV-positive men that seeks to "challenge social and cultural stereotypes...

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Kenya: Permissive African Sexual Traditions Spread AIDS

Men in the remote Kenyan town of Isiolo have long had sex with young virgins to purge themselves of afflictions or curses. The community practices a mix of Muslim and traditional African beliefs. Illiteracy is high, and AIDS is subject to stigma and ...

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Kenyan Prostitutes Offer Hope for AIDS Vaccine

A group of prostitutes in Nairobi's Majengo red-light district have remained HIV-negative despite long exposure to HIV-positive men. Scientists studying the group of women hope to discover what has kept the women HIV-negative and use their findings t...

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Kenya: Shocking Revelations on HIV/AIDS and Deaf Children

Deaf children in Kenya are lacking access to information regarding HIV/AIDS. The Kenya Society for Deaf Children (KSDC) says there are no trained personnel in the country to sensitize deaf persons to the dangers posed by AIDS. KSDC Director Ogutu Ade...