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Trekking With AIDS, Part 2 -- A Special Report

I need new feet. New boots won't do it: I've been through three pairs in the past five weeks, and I still can't find anything that will hold up to the pace I've set myself -- which is somewhere between 20 and 25 miles a day, depending on the terrain,...

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Flower Power

PHOTOGRAPH BY JUDY LAWNE Some call them "Nature's Prozac," but depression is only one of many emotional imbalances they are used for.

To some, the idea seems just too good to be true: Take a few drops a day of a harmless, pleasant-tasting liquid, an...

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

PHOTOGRAPH BY JUDY LAWNE Feeling a bit anxious? Suffering from sleep disturbances? Having difficulty concentrating? Well, maybe a visit to your friendly neighborhood Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist can help.

That's right. You can add "CT...

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The Mind-Body Connection

The class begins, led by the soothing, melodic voice of instructor Prema Pleva, and almost instantly an air of peace pervades the room. But the HIV/AIDS classes at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City consist of more than chanting. They are ...

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Tips for HIV-Positive Runners

People with HIV have a few more factors to consider when conditioning themselves for a marathon. For some, it may get tricky.

The National AIDS Marathon Training Program places runners into pace groups. In these groups, individuals share stories and...

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Trekking With AIDS, Part 1 -- A Special Report

Dawn Averitt has been bucking the odds for more than a decade now -- ever since she learned that she had been infected with HIV by a man who took callous advantage of her when she was just 19 years old. She was told at the time that she would be luck...

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Practicing Pedal Power

Up until the fall of 1996, the amount of bike-riding Gregg Gour had done in his life had probably added up to about 10 miles.

Since then, Gour has ridden well over 2,000 miles to fight AIDS -- and the 5'8" 40-year-old weighing 173 pounds has the leg...

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Recipes for Fitness

When I was in high school, part of our gym test was to climb a heavy rope suspended from the ceiling. Our grade was the amount of time it took to climb up and down the rope.

I got the symbol for infinity.

After this and other humiliating gym experi...