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Pickett Fences: Fatty Acid

There was that unmistakable sound of horror swaddled in pity, a blend served with equal parts condescension and hope for a better tomorrow. A sort of gasp, and then a silence as full as a fat baby's diapers.

I have heard this sound before.

I was ta...

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Pedal Power

It's no easy ride. Even top cyclists are daunted by the numbers: almost 600 miles in one week. Thousands of dollars in pledges. Hundreds of hills, and too many aches and pains to count. Still, they ride. Thousands of cyclists sign up for annual fun...

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I Ride Because I Can -- A Pos Ped Perspective

I ride because I can. I ride for those who cannot. I ride because too many won't. This is a common sentiment among AIDS Ride Positive Pedelers, or Pos Peds. We are a group of riders who come together from all walks of life and choose to participate...

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Personal Perspective: The Road From Perfection

If I had been asked in the months following my diagnosis whether what I ate and whether I exercised could somehow control the HIV in my body I would have said, "No." Looking back, though, my behavior suggested a different answer.

Almost overnight I ...

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Living With Yoga and HIV

Healing, health, healthy, and wholeness have become words of transformation. The meaning of these words seemed warped after testing HIV positive back in my mid-20s in 1993. In the many months of numbness immediately following my test results, I ass...

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Feelin' Stronger Every Day: Strength Training, Combating Side Effects, and Promoting Positive Change

Exercise is defined by physical activity above and beyond normal activities of daily living, or ADL's for short. These may include walking to the train or bus, brushing your teeth, bathing, moderate house or yard work. Examples of exercise might be...

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Warming Up to HIV and Exercise

The Basics of Fitness Resistance Training Cardiovascular Training Flexibility Training Balance Training and Mind-Body Training Other Suggestions

Over and over again you have been told to exercise as a part of your plan for living with HI...

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Trekking With AIDS, Part 3 -- A Special Report

On Wednesday, June 28, 2000 -- the twelfth anniversary of her HIV diagnosis -- Dawn Averitt (center) and her companions Scott Averitt (left) and Brad Bridge (right) walked home to Georgia, having hiked the whole of the Appalachian Trail over the prec...

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My Journey of Discovery With Reiki

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is an ancient spiritual healing art. Reiki is the Unlimited Universal Life Force Energy which permeates and sustains our entire world. It is the mysterious source of all creation.

Reiki is a completely natural healing tec...

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Living With HIV: Fit and Fighting HIV

As a young kid, I began to view exercise merely as a means to lose weight.

As a young adult I educated myself about how exercise helps in many more ways than just a means of weight control. I most enjoyed weightlifting and its many benefits.

In 198...