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China: Condoms Distributed on Long-Distance Buses to Prevent HIV/AIDS Spread

As part of an HIV/AIDS prevention program launched by China and Britain, free condoms are being offered to passengers on over 70 buses running the well-traveled route along Highway 318 between the Sichuan province and the Tibet Autonomous Region. "It...

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China Becomes Major Exporter of AIDS Drug Raw Material to Developing Nations

Less than two years after it began producing AIDS drugs, China has become a major exporter of raw materials for the medications. In addition, it is preparing to export finished drugs to Third World countries.

Four Chinese companies are now producing...

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Chinese AIDS Advocate Under House Arrest to Prevent Meeting With U.S. Delegation Visiting Henan Province

Chinese AIDS advocate Hu Jia on Wednesday said that Chinese government authorities have placed him under house arrest to prevent him from meeting with a U.S. Embassy delegation while it is visiting Henan province, which has one of the world's highest...

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Detained Chinese AIDS Sufferers Released

Seven farmers, including several with AIDS who demanded better government assistance, were set free last week after spending over a week in a Shangcai county detention center in China's Henan province. Local authorities said the villagers, who are mo...

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UN Report: Environmental Havoc, AIDS Threaten China's Progress in Living Standards

A UN Development Program study, released Thursday, said environmental damage from China's economic growth, the spread of AIDS, and growing poverty threaten the country's drive to establish better living standards. The report assesses China's ability ...

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Reuters Profiles "AIDS Village" in China's Henan Province

Reuters on Monday examined an "AIDS village" in China's Henan province, where approximately 900 of the village's 3,800 people are HIV-positive. More than 30% of the people living with HIV in the village of Shuang Miao contracted HIV through a governm...

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China: AIDS-Hit Villagers Celebrate Chinese New Year With Tears and Hope

Wenlou village in Shangcai County has attracted worldwide attention for its high incidence of AIDS, resulting from illegal blood selling. Like other Chinese, Wenlou's villagers have been preparing to celebrate the Chinese year of the monkey, which be...

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CDC: China, India May Face AIDS Catastrophe

China, India, and Cambodia could face an AIDS "catastrophe" as HIV spreads deeper into parts of Asia where public health controls are weak, CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding said at a meeting in Singapore Thursday. "It looks like Africa did a decade ...

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Embarassed by SARS Response, China Promises Better Disease Prevention in Rural Areas

China will invest more funding and resources in rural health care due to the SARS epidemic and will also pay more attention to other epidemics, such as AIDS, officials said Thursday. "Recently, we've asked various levels of government to step up prev...

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While Battling SARS, China Neglects AIDS

During the past two weeks, China's Communist Party has made a stunning display of public accountability on SARS. The government fired and disciplined officials for their mishandling of SARS, committed $240 million to treating poor patients, mobilized...