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HIV/AIDS Leading Deadly Infectious Disease in China in 2008, Health Ministry Report Says

HIV/AIDS became China's No. 1 deadly infectious disease for the first time in 2008, with 6,897 people dying from AIDS-related causes during the first nine months of last year, Reuters reports. According to Reuters, a Ministry of Health report said th...

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China's Rural Immigrants Are New Front in AIDS Fight

Chinese health officials worry that migrant workers, a major force powering the country's rapidly growing economy, are highly vulnerable to HIV and could accelerate its spread into the general population. To date, HIV/AIDS has been mostly confined to...

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China, Lesotho Join Hands in Combating HIV/AIDS

In Beijing on Wednesday, Lesotho's ambassador asked China to send more medical assistance to his homeland, a landlocked African kingdom whose HIV prevalence is estimated at 26 percent. Fifteen Chinese physicians are currently deployed to Lesotho, and...

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Increasing Numbers of Blood Collection Centers in Parts of China Contributing to Spread of HIV, Boston Globe Reports

The increasing number of blood-collection centers in parts of China is posing a threat to vulnerable populations and placing them at an increased risk of HIV transmission, some Chinese HIV/AIDS advocates have said recently, the Boston Globe reports....

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Chinese Company Refuses Comment on Claims It Spread AIDS to Hemophiliacs

A Chinese pharmaceutical company that made a blood-based hemophilia product in use during the 1990s today refused to respond to patients and relatives who allege the product was HIV-contaminated.

Family members have repeatedly met with officials fro...

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China Might Be Concealing Lower Estimates of HIV Infections for Fear of Political Fallout, Expert Says

China might be concealing new estimates for the number of HIV-positive people in the country because they are lower than previously publicized figures and could erode the country's credibility, a U.S. expert on China said on Tuesday at a briefing in ...

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China Admits Gays as a Major Group for AIDS Prevention, Control

China must not fail to recognize the existence of gays or the need to target HIV/AIDS prevention to them, as they represent a key group in the battle against the epidemic, said Chinese Vice Health Minister Wang Longde. The minister was speaking at th...

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Route of AIDS in China Traced Along Drug Trafficking Routes

On Monday in Kobe, Japan, researchers from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases told the 7th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific that China's HIV/AIDS epidemic appears to be spreading along drug trafficking routes connecti...

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Report: Number of Women With HIV/AIDS in China Catching Up With Men

The number of female HIV/AIDS patients in China is quickly catching up with that of men, Xinhua News Agency quoted a Ministry of Health report as saying Wednesday. Just ten years ago in China, the ratio of male HIV/AIDS patients to female was 5 to 1,...

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Cost Is Barrier to Receive HIV Testing as Part of Premarital Counseling in China

Z.Y. Wu and colleagues at the University of California-Los Angeles conducted a survey that found cost is a barrier to receiving HIV testing as part of premarital counseling in China.

"Premarital counseling is required for couples wishing to be marri...