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China Court Accepts First HIV Discrimination Suit: Report

On Monday, a court in Anqing city in Anhui province accepted what state media are calling China's first HIV employment discrimination suit.

The plaintiff, a recent college graduate who was not identified by name, said he had already passed written t...

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Chinese Youth Turn to Internet for Information About Sex: Survey

In a recent survey of 3,000 Chinese teenagers, more than three-fourths identified the Internet as their most important source of information on sex. Books and friends followed, with school and parents ranked as the least important resources. Even so,...

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China Details Plan to Fight Co-Infection of HIV and TB

The Ministry of Health has released a brochure warning health authorities that TB has become a leading cause of death among Chinese HIV patients. The ministry has ordered increased cooperation and information sharing between health personnel involved...

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China Should Be Held Accountable for Holding Back HIV Prevention, Treatment Efforts

In a Los Angeles Times opinion piece, Joe Amon, director of health and human rights at Human Rights Watch, points to Chinese government "discrimination and abuse" of HIV/AIDS activists and organizations. He charges that the international donor commun...

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Chinese Court Rejects Gay Man's Lawsuit Over Blood Donation

A court in Haidian, northwest Beijing, on Wednesday rejected a lawsuit filed by a gay man whose blood donation was refused by a Red Cross center. Chinese regulations bar "homosexuals and those with multiple sex partners" from giving blood. The court ...

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IPS Reports on Stigma, Discrimination Among People Living With HIV/AIDS in China

In follow-up coverage of the news that China lifted a decades-old HIV/AIDS travel ban, Inter Press Service reports that "erasing the stigma attached" to the virus is difficult in China. "'What we are lacking now is in-depth HIV and AIDS education in ...

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China's Counterfeit Condoms Have Health Officials Worried

The Los Angeles Times examines how an increase in counterfeit condoms in China has health officials fearing the worst -- the products "may in fact spread infectious diseases, tarnishing the axiom that condoms mean safe sex." The newspaper continues, ...

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A 'Planting and Eating Soybean' Project for People Living With HIV/AIDS in Rural Anhui -- A Pilot Study in China

Rural Anhui, China, is marked by a large number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) who are poor and lack protein in their diet. The goal of the study project was to increase soybean protein in the diet of PLWHAs in this resource-limited setting....

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Public Tolerance Needed for Chinese Gays to Tackle AIDS

Large-scale HIV/AIDS prevention among Chinese gay men will require greater social acceptance and tolerance of them, according to gay-rights advocate Wei Jiangang.

The author of the popular "Queer Comrades" blog noted that a government-funded gay bar...

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UNAIDS Report Says Heterosexual Sexual Contact Main Cause for HIV's Spread in China

The rate of HIV infections attributed to heterosexual sex tripled in China between 2005 and 2007, according to the UN's recently released "2009 AIDS Epidemic Update." Of new infections in China, 40 percent were acquired heterosexually, 32 percent hom...