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Proportion of New HIV Cases Increasing Among Older Population in China

The case of a Chinese man nearly 80 years old who was recently diagnosed with HIV is "shedding light on a segment of the Chinese population said to be overlooked by the country's AIDS education efforts," according to "a recent report from state-run m...

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China AIDS Sufferers Face Discrimination for Treatment -- Study

A new report by the UN's International Labor Organization finds that HIV/AIDS patients in China continue to be denied medical treatment in mainstream hospitals. ILO and China's National Center for STD and AIDS Prevention Control said interviews with ...

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People Living With HIV/AIDS in China Face Discrimination When Accessing Health Care, Report Says

HIV-positive people living in China "are routinely being denied medical treatment in mainstream hospitals due to fear and ignorance about the disease," according to a study based on interviews with 103 people living with HIV/AIDS and 23 health care w...

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China's Government Vows to Ramp Up Fight Against HIV/AIDS

On Wednesday, China's cabinet issued a statement warning of the high rates of HIV/AIDS in some regions of the country and calling for better HIV prevention and treatment, Agence France-Presse reports.

"The statement did not specify which areas of th...

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Report Estimates Numbers of People Living With HIV/AIDS in China Will Grow to 1.2 Million in 2011

"China will have about 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2015, according to a report scheduled for formal release in the first half of" 2011, China's state-run news source China Daily reports. According to the newspaper, China's A...

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Sex Becomes Main Source of AIDS Spread in Drugs-Plagued China Province

Although Yunnan borders Asia's infamous opium-producing "Golden Triangle" region, health authorities in the southwestern Chinese province say sex has overtaken drug use as the leading cause of HIV transmission there. During the first 10 months of 201...

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Chinese Court Rules Against Man Who Alleged HIV Discrimination

A Chinese court on Friday ruled against a man who said he was denied a teaching job due to his HIV status. "Anqing's Yinjiang District Court ruled the city education bureau had correctly followed public service health standards in assessing his unsui...

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China: Experts Say NGOs Play Indisputable Role in Fighting Spread of HIV/AIDS

Non-governmental HIV prevention groups targeting men who have sex with men (MSM) mostly operate in a state of legal limbo in China. Without official support and protection, the groups are vulnerable to extortion and violence, and they have trouble ra...

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A New Class of Chinese Escorts

Women in universities and aspiring professionals looking to advance themselves amid China's economic boom are increasingly turning to sex work, advocates and academics in Beijing say. This semester, at least two universities have banned students from...

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Father Seeks China AIDS Activist's Release

The father of jailed Chinese AIDS activist Tian Xi worries that his son is missing his medicine and may not be eating well. Tian Xi has HIV and hepatitis B and C; he reportedly received a tainted blood transfusion as a child at Xincai County No. 1 Pe...