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How Do You Do It? Australian HIV Campaign Puts Emphasis on a Combination of Ways

Sydney-based health promotion organization ACON engaged with members of Australia's Parliament to reshape and reenergize the direction of the country's HIV testing, treatment, care and support.

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Guam: Teens Face Obstacles in Obtaining Condoms, Birth Control

According to government statistics, more than 50 percent of sexually active Guam youth have not used protection, despite the fact that the law requires the Guam Department of Education to teach students about HIV/AIDS and STD prevention. The Departme...

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Guam: National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

The Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) will focus the public's attention on the effects of HIV/AIDS stigma on May 19, National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The department estimates that one-third of Asi...

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Australia: Half-Hour HIV Test to Reduce Infection Risk

A new HIV test that provides results in 30 minutes while the patient waits has been approved for marketing in Australia, according to Health Minister Tanya Plibersek. The new test, requiring only a finger prick of blood, is a preliminary screening on...

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Australia: Liberals to Campaign on Jail Needle Exchange

Australian Capital Territory officials plan soon to launch a pilot trial of the nation's first prison-based needle-exchange program. With the Oct. 20 ACT election looming, however, the NEP is likely to be highlighted as a policy difference between th...

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Could Implementation of Australia's National Gay Men's Syphilis Action Plan Have an Indirect Effect on the HIV Epidemic?

Across Australia during the past decade, incident infections of syphilis and HIV have increased, especially among gay men. Syphilis epidemics also have resurged, coincidentally with increases in HIV diagnoses, in other industrialized settings. Noting...

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UNAIDS Official Visits Fiji

UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe is visiting Fiji this week to assess national and regional progress against HIV/AIDS. Fiji is classified as a low-prevalence country for HIV: Just 366 cases were confirmed from 1989 to 2010. In 2011, Fiji becam...

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Australia: Rates of Gonorrhea, Chlamydia Surge

Chlamydia diagnoses last year in Australia grew by 17 percent over the 2009 figure, while gonorrhea diagnoses shot up by 25 percent, the Kirby Institute reported today. More testing does not account for all of the increases, said David Wilson, an ass...

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Australia: Safe Sex Ads to Return to Bus Shelters

Ads advocating protected sex are set to return to Brisbane bus stops after being removed following complaints. The ads depict a fully dressed same-sex couple grasping a wrapped condom.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) accused the "Rip and Roll" ...

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Australia: Time to Rid Syphilis in Indigenous Groups

This is an opportune time to work to eliminate syphilis in indigenous communities, according to a new report by researchers from the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales. Their study of national data found that the number of syphilis ...