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Wisdom in Being United in Anger

Wisdom in Being United in Anger

Throughout the film, important dates in ACT UP's history are highlighted.

These dates serve as a reminder of how much was going on in terms of activism as friends and loved ones were also fighting for their lives.

Throughout the film, when people who have passed away speak, their birth and death dates appear on the screen.

These dates illustrate how young many people were when they died, and how brave they were.

The film illustrates how important personal expression was to the ACT UP process. People spoke truth to power, and actions came from there.

Many ACT UP members had a long history of activism and brought their experiences with them.

While others were new to direct action, they learned a lot along the way.

Important to ACT UP was having clear and achievable goals.

Community and safety were also important considerations to ACT UP.

Through behind-the-scenes-footage, the film shows the often-messy process of activism.

Within ACT UP there were differences of opinion, and often a lag in common understanding. As the film illustrates, this made for a complex, volatile, and rich movement.

A message of the film is that together, we can make a difference, and feel less alone.

United in Anger

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