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What Do We Need to Do to "Get to Zero"?

What Do We Need to Do to "Get to Zero"?

Felipe Hernandez

Felipe Hernandez, HIV Advocate, Tucson, Ariz.

Michael Everett

Michael Everett, Harm Reduction Coalition, New York City

Alana Bahe

Alana Bahe, Center for Prevention and Wellness, Salish Kootenai College, Pablo, Montana

Phill Wilson

Phill Wilson, Black AIDS Institute, Los Angeles; Diagnosed in 1985

Mondo Guerra

Mondo Guerra, Project Runway Season 8, Denver, Colo.; Diagnosed in 2001

Ronnie Grace

Ronnie Grace, Community Health Worker, Milwaukee, Wisc.; Diagnosed in 1987

Susan Harrison-Hicks

Susan Harrison-Hicks, Registered Nurse, Quad Cities, Ill.

Arick Buckles

Arick Buckles, Illinois Alliance for Sound AIDS Policy, Chicago, Ill.

Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones, Actor, One-Man Show "And I Die Slowly," Cleveland, Ohio; Diagnosed in 1984

Cora Giddens

Cora Giddens, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

Doyin Desalu

Doyin Desalu, AIDS Coalition of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Ernesto Dominguez

Ernesto Dominguez, Cascade AIDS Project, Portland, Ore.

Helen Miramontes

Helen Miramontes, Retired Nurse, Las Vegas, N.V.

Jack Mackenroth

Jack Mackenroth, New York City; Diagnosed in 1989

Kimberly Parker

Kimberly Parker, AIDS Behavioral Researcher, Denton, Texas

Luke Versher

Luke Versher, AIDS Action in Mississippi, Jackson, Miss.; Diagnosed in 1988

Marguerite Thorp

Marguerite Thorp, Student Global AIDS Campaign, Boston, Mass.

Elena Thomas Faulkner

Elena Thomas Faulkner, Denver, Colo.

Brian Robert

Brian Robert,, Fairfax, Va.

Mary Elizabeth Marr

Mary Elizabeth Marr, AIDS Action Coalition, Huntsville, Ala.

Regnarian Jenkins

Regnarian Jenkins, Housing Works, East New York, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dr. Monique Howard

Dr. Monique Howard, New Jersey Women and AIDS Network, Trenton, N.J.

Oscar Lopez

Oscar Lopez, Capacity Building Specialist, New York City

Vanessa Laurel

Venessa Laurel, Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum, San Francisco, Calif.


Paul, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Condoms and Materials Unit; Brooklyn, N.Y. / Barbados

Tina R. Sigler

Tina R. Sigler, Mujeres Unidas, Inc., San Antonio, Texas


Publicist, Living Positive by Design, New York City

Social Worker

Social Worker, HIV Clinic, Durham, N.C.


Analyst, Washington, D.C.

Pulic Educator

Public Educator, Washington, D.C.