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Tributes to HIV/AIDS Community Members We’ve Lost to COVID-19 So Far

Clockwise from top left: Courtesy of Sylvia Rivera Law Project via Flickr; Terri Wilder; Courtesy of; Michael Loccisano via GettyImages

Natasha Ott
Courtesy of

March 20: Natasha Ott, 39, New Orleans, LA

Terrence McNally
Michael Loccisano via GettyImages

March 24: Terrence McNally, 81, New York, NY, and Sarasota, FL

Lorena Borjas
Courtesy of Sylvia Rivera Law Project via Flickr

March 30: Lorena Borjas, 59, Queens, NY

Dr. Gita Ramjee.
Aurum Institute

March 31: Gita Ramjee, FRCPE, Ph.D., 63, Durban, South Africa

Jason, Rick and Danielle Rosenberg.
Jason, Rick and Danielle RosenbergJason Rosenberg

April 2: Rick Rosenberg, 72, New York, NY

Jim Kelly
Courtesy of Ruby Rims

April 5: Jim Kelly, early 70s, New York, NY

Garry Bowie
Courtesy of WeHo Times

April 7: Garry Bowie, 59, West Hollywood, CA

Ed Shaw.
Terri Wilder

April 13: Ed Shaw, 79, New York, NY

Deloris Dockrey.
Tamara Fleming Studio and The Hyacinth Foundation

April 27: Deloris Dockrey, 60, Summit, New Jersey

Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy


Tim Murphy, based in Brooklyn, has been writing about HIV/AIDS for 25 years, for publications and organizations including TheBody, TheBodyPro, POZ, New York Magazine, The Nation, Housing Works, and Lambda Legal.