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TheBody's 10 Most Popular HIV-Related Stories of 2018

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6 doctors

10: HIV Doctors' Advice on Staying Healthy While Living With HIV

Sanjay Johnson
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9: Sanjay Johnson Faces Prison Sentence in Arkansas HIV Crime Trial

Kevin Deese
Lambda Legal

8: Kevin Deese Is Fighting the Military on Its HIV Ban

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7: A Cheaper Alternative to Truvada Is Hitting the Market: Here's Why It Might Not Lower Costs

Elton John
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6: Why Elton John Owes Black People an Apology After AIDS 2018 Remarks

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5: Would You Treat Your HIV With a Monthly Injection Instead of Daily Pills?

Nyala Moon
Laura Davis

4: What to Expect After Bottom Surgery -- One Transgender Woman's Experience With Vaginoplasty

Jacen Zhu
Greg Vaughn

3: Adult Film Star Jacen Zhu Turns HIV and Crystal Meth Activist With New Campaign to TakedownTina

Jack Mackenroth
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2: Going XXX -- HIV-Positive Activist Jack Mackenroth Comes Into His Own

Publix store
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1: Publix Grocery Chain Denies PrEP Coverage to Its Employees

Kenyon Farrow

Kenyon Farrow


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