Snapshots and Stories Outshine Stigma on "A Day With HIV"

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Tuesday, Sept. 9, was just another day for many of us. We woke up and fed ourselves, and perhaps kids, pets and other loved ones, too. Those of us on antiretrovirals for HIV treatment or pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) -- or meds and supplements for other conditions -- took our pills and potions. And, across 13 countries on four continents, some of us snapped a photo and contributed it to A Day With HIV.

For the past five years, A Day With HIV has stepped out against stigma, by sharing pictures and stories of people affected by HIV. A Day With HIV is sponsored by Positively Aware, the U.S. HIV treatment journal published by Chicago's Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN). This year, Positively Aware is working in partnership with Let's Stop HIV Together, an HIV awareness and anti-stigma effort of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). is happy to share a slice of life from that day, with selections from around the clock on A Day With HIV.

Morénike Giwa Onaiwu

9:30 a.m., Texas, U.S.

The course of my life changed forever when my family became affectedby HIV in 2007. Rather than disclosing specifically who is positive in our family, we have chosento identify as an HIV-affected family. We feel that it doesn't matter if we publicly state exactlywhich one(s) of us are HIV-positive or HIV-negative because we're all in this together.

Jeffrey Newman

1:31 p.m., New York City

Always thankful. Always keeping the faith. (Taken at the exact time I was born47 years ago this month.)

Stephen J. Lewis (via Twitter)

1:32 p.m., Rome, Italy

Supporting #HIV awareness on #adaywithhiv with a picture fromthe Gallery of Maps in the Vatican.

Mark Holmes

2:30 p.m., San Diego

There are few barriers folks with HIV can't overcome. I have been living with HIVfor 30 years. I am also deaf, and require hearing aids. But I also go jetpack flying three times amonth!

Anthony Babajee

2:51 p.m., London, England

At Parliament Hill, one of the best views of London.

Ken Williams (left)

3:30 p.m., Brooklyn, New York

I work pretty hard to eradicate HIV stigma. I write, I blog, but there's beennothing I've done in the war against stigma more effective than being present and living myexperience openly. So, today, I got in the picture with my friend Charles Johnson.

Noël Gordon (left)

5:38 p.m., Washington, D.C.

My colleague Marcos Garcia and I are committed to ending the HIV/AIDSepidemic. We represent the changing face of the epidemic, and as such, we think it is ourresponsibility to raise awareness of the needs of young gay and bisexual men of color whereverwe go.

Barbara Lagodna

5:50 p.m., West Virginia, U.S.

At age 60, running keeps me healthy and fit!

Jason Daisey

6:20 p.m., Maryland, U.S.

I was confirmed positive just one week ago. It was a scary week, but I won't let itchange my life for the worse. My center and balance point is being in the barn with my horses.I'm a professional guy, the kind that no one ever would think would get diagnosed with HIV.Now's my time to use my uniqueness to educate other gay men about how real this really is.

Andrew Espinosa

6:20 p.m., Chicago

Fun on the trampoline with my nephews! Living with HIV since 1997 andblessed to be still here with them.

Tyker Pionero

6:37 p.m., Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

Photo of my mom and me about to dance. I have learned to cherish the littlethings after losing people I knew and loved to this virus, so when I get the opportunity to steal adance with her, I do. Much love from Trinidad and Tobago.

Eliane Becks Nininahazwe

6:44 p.m., Holland

I am an HIV-positive woman living in Holland, although I amoriginally from Burundi. I've been HIV-positive since 2003. I am also an artist and try to presenta positive image. I openly talk about my HIV, so then people can understand that we are normaland can live normal lives like anyone else. Did I tell you that in 2006 I decided to have a kid?Now I've got two boys, both HIV-free! I am very proud of myself.

Lauren Childers (left)

10 p.m., Chicago

This photo was taken with my partner, Bryana Wilson, and my petiguana, Jane. I rescued Jane (the iguana) from a tree, and as an exotic pet enthusiast, I decidedto take her in. The inner healing I experienced bringing her back to health was an incrediblyrewarding experience -- begging the question, "Who rescued who?"

Susanna Feder

10:20 p.m., Bronx, New York

After a New York Yankees win over Boston. Out with a good friend andshowing off my dress at the subway stop. You can see the lights of NYC and the FreedomTower in the background. Being a part of life, not afraid to enjoy every minute.

Ayrick Broin

10:30 p.m., Santa Rosa, California

I was diagnosed with HIV in 1999 and AIDS in late 2000. None of the medicationsworked for me up until recently. Thanks to my wonderful doctor and his nursing team, I'm backon the stage in California's wine country. Life is a Cabaret!