HIV in Arts and Entertainment

20 Years of Magic: How One Man's HIV Disclosure Inspired Others

Magic Johnson

Kenyon Farrow

Kenyon Farrow, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Author and Activist

Maria T. Mejia

Maria Mejia, Miami, Fla.; Activist and Peer Educator; Diagnosed in 1991

Rusti Miller-Hill

Rusti Miller-Hill, New York, N.Y.; Advocate; Diagnosed in 1991

Jermaine Wright

Jermaine Wright, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Peer Educator; Diagnosed in 2009


fogcityjohn, San Francisco, Calif.; Lawyer; Diagnosed in 2004

Nina Martinez

Nina Martinez, Decatur, Ga.; STD Policy Epidemiologist; Diagnosed in 1991

Becky Allen

Becky Allen, New York City, N.Y.; Site Manager for


Ibrahim, New York City, N.Y.; Student; Diagnosed in 2009

Richard Cordova III

Richard Cordova III, Chicago, Ill.; Project Manager for TPAN; Diagnosed in 2002

Sherri Beachfront Lewis

Sherri Beachfront Lewis, Los Angeles, Calif.; Activist, Writer, Humanitarian and Entertainer; Diagnosed in 1987

Khafre Abif

Khafre Abif, Augusta, Ga.; Activist, Writer and Librarian; Diagnosed in 1991