11 Sexy Campaigns That Spread the Word -- and the Love -- on PrEP

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Around the world and across the web, treatment-as-prevention methods for HIV-negative folks (PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis), as well as people living with HIV (an effective HIV med regimen) are becoming better known and more widely available options for preventing HIV transmission. That awareness has spread in part through a diverse array of eye-catching, thought-provoking, cute or sexy social marketing campaigns that grab the attention of those community members who need to see them most.

Here are a few of our favorites. Enjoy and spread the word that HIV treatment as prevention works!

Image courtesy of Chicago House.



"Love is contractible. Lust is transmittable. Touch is contagious. Catch feelings, not HIV."

The words are poetic, but the gorgeous images say it all in this Chicago-based campaign to promote PrEP information resources, prescribing providers and related social events throughout local communities -- and especially among those who are most vulnerable to HIV and who may not always use condoms.

Image courtesy of Chicago's PrEP4Love campaign.

PrEP for Her

Washington, D.C.

D.C. Takes on HIV, the social marketing campaign of the District of Columbia's HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration (HAHSTA), has teamed with local organizations to roll out PrEP for Her. The campaign's goal is to increase knowledge among black women of PrEP as a sexy, empowering tool, with posters featuring strong women and proclaiming: "Dominate your sex life." Check them out on Instagram: @exploreprep!

Image courtesy of the PrEP for Her Campaign/D.C. Takes on HIV.

Play Sure

New York City

Geared toward a diverse community of New Yorkers, this sex-positive campaign is plastered across the city's transit system, as well as online, to promote the Health Department's Play Sure kits -- a pouch that can hold the user's choice of prevention tools -- condoms, lubes and prevention pills (PrEP, HIV meds and/or birth control). The campaign and the kits also promote the city's message of combination prevention to end HIV as an epidemic at one of its epicenters.

Credit: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.


San Francisco

If PrEPFacts.org is a granddaddy of PrEP campaigns, she's a fun, sexy granddaddy for sure. Launched by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in September 2012, mere months after FDA approval of Truvada (tenofovir/FTC) for PrEP, and expanded in 2013 to reach a wider community of potential PrEP users, PrEP Facts continues to deliver the basics of PrEP in graphic-novel style. Posters, postcards, pamphlets and other materials are available for download in English and Spanish.

Credit: PrEPfacts.org/San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Drop Your Load


Part of the Ending HIV campaign -- a project of ACON, a longtime HIV and LGBTQ health organization with branches throughout Australia -- this visual campaign with the eye-catching name is all about empowering people living with HIV to keep healthy and keep their viral loads low with self-care and support.

Image courtesy of Frost* and ACON.

PrEP Squad

Washington, D.C.

"Spread the love ... and nothing else."

From mama's boys holding hands in suits to basketball dudes and leather bears, the diverse, smiling images on this clever site promoting District of Columbia PrEP resources for gay men show that any guy can be part of the squad.

Image courtesy of Terry Gerace/PrEPSquadDC.org.

Our Sexual Revolution

San Francisco

This site provides a comprehensive list of local and national PrEP resources and answers questions based on visitors' needs, from individuals asking whether PrEP works to providers seeking to learn more about prescribing it. The page also features a series of naturalistic, joyful posters in various color filters.

Image courtesy of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

HIV Stops With Me

Maryland and New York State

"Treatment changes everything."

Driven by the voices, images and stories of people living with HIV, this striking campaign shows clearly how people with HIV care for themselves and their communities and are a huge part of the solution -- not the problem -- for HIV-negative community members staying that way. The stories focus on wellness, self-love and self-care, and educate readers about how being on effective HIV treatment prevents HIV transmission while increasing empowerment.

Image courtesy of HIVStopsWithMe.org.

The PrEP Navigators


In reaching out to their communities with PrEP resources, referrals or just someone to talk to about the possibility of taking PrEP, the PrEP Team at Chicago House has the support of these richly visual, informative materials. Information is available in English and Spanish, and portrays images, themes and questions from transgender and cisgender folks.

Credit: Chicago House.

Mr. Friendly

Multiple Locations

An international, grassroots network to reduce the stigma of HIV "in friendly ways," Mr. Friendly has branches in more than a dozen cities and regions of the U.S. and Canada. Members host events, use social media, consult with HIV organizations and sell products to help fight HIV stigma and inform their communities about HIV prevention.

Image courtesy of MrFriendly.org.

Swallow This

New York City

Launched by the large HIV service provider Harlem United, the Swallow This campaign seeks to educate gay and bisexual men of color in this uptown Manhattan community and throughout New York City about PrEP as a viable option to keep themselves HIV negative.

Credit: Harlem United.