Planning for Retirement While Living With HIV

Whether you're on public assistance or you're more well off, there are things you can do to plan for a secure future.

By Tim Murphy

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Programs Seek to Break Isolation for People Over 50 Living With HIV

"We try to foster connection. We look at civic and social engagement and build community," said the manager of a program based in San Francisco.

By Stephen Hicks

A Play in NYC Wittily Explores the Emotional Toll on HIV Plague-Era Survivors

'Still at Risk' is about long-term survivors, but it's for younger gay men too.

By Tim Murphy

Stories of African-American Women Aging With HIV: 'My Life Wasn't What I Hoped It to Be'

"HIV for African-American women has never been a single issue, separate from histories of addiction, trauma and poverty," Thurka Sangaramoorthy writes.

By Thurka Sangaramoorthy for The Conversation

Resources on HIV and Aging

A brief walkthrough of resources related to HIV and aging provided by federal and community partners of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Long-Term Survivors of HIV

Due to longer survival with HIV, the percentage of older adults living with HIV is increasing in all regions of the world. Get the facts about long-term survivors.

By The Well Project

Thirty Years Later, AIDS Activists Who 'Seized Control' Discuss Their Legacy

"Activism, indeed, matters," Mark S. King writes. "It was humbling to revisit the ongoing legacy of ACT UP and the countless other activists who have had such a profound impact."

By Mark S. King for

Menopause and HIV

Table of Contents

What Is Menopause? Symptoms and Conditions Related to Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Alternative Treatments Keeping Healthy After Menopause Taking Care of Yourself

What Is Menopause?

Menopause is a normal p...

By The Well Project

Remembering Our Seniors on National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

"Many of our seniors are sexually active and vulnerable to the same circumstances of the lack of information and support as the younger and more visible members of the community," Earl Fowlkes writes.

By Earl Fowlkes for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Aging and HIV

The number of older women living with HIV is growing. Read about aging with HIV, aging-related health challenges, stigma and support, and more.

By The Well Project

Older Women: At Risk for HIV

Table of Contents

Introduction Older Women: An Overlooked Group What to Do? Older Women Living With HIV


UNAIDS estimates that 4.2 million older adults (age 50 and over) are living with HIV (HIV+) worldwide; of these, a little ov...

By The Well Project