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Supreme Court Declines Transgender Military Ban Cases; Permits Enforcement of Ban for Now

"For more than 30 months, transgender troops have been serving our country openly with valor and distinction, but now the rug has been ripped out from under them, once again," Lambda Legal Counsel Peter Renn said.

By Lambda Legal

Trump Quietly Starts Firing Servicemembers Living With HIV Just Before the Holidays

Lamda Legal, Outserve-SLDN, and Winston & Strawn LLP are suing the Trump administration for firing two Air Force members because they live with HIV.

By Lambda Legal

Kevin Deese Is Fighting the Military on Its HIV Ban

Deese discusses how his ordeal unfolded and why he's determined to fight for his rightful place in the military.

By Tim Murphy

Court Rules Case Challenging Defense Department's Discriminatory HIV Policies to Proceed

A Virginia federal court ruled a case challenging the military's discriminatory policies governing the enlistment, deployment, and promotion of service members living with HIV will continue by denying the government's motion to dismiss.

By Lambda Legal

Updates on HIV and the U.S. Military: An Unusually Active Month

The Trump administration's new discriminatory policy on HIV in the military is just one of a plethora of Department of Defense actions relevant to people living with HIV.

By AIDS United

Trump Admin Plan to Ban People With HIV From Military 'Rooted in Prejudice'

AIDS United states that it "opposes this and any policy that tries to use military readiness as an excuse to promote an ideology of discrimination and stigma."

By AIDS United

Veteran of Two Overseas Combat Zones Faces Possible Discharge Simply Because He Lives With HIV

In a new lawsuit, a sergeant in the D.C. Army National Guard claims he was denied the opportunity to serve as an officer and faces possible discharge from the United States armed services because he is living with HIV.

By Lambda Legal

Trump's Military Transgender Ban Draws Condemnation From HIV Organizations

A series of tweets from U.S. President Donald J. Trump on July 26 unexpectedly and dramatically appeared to upend the country's policy on transgender people serving in the military.

By Myles Helfand and Ken Stockwell

Via Online Petition, an HIV-Positive Soldier Requests Justice

After his 2012 HIV criminalization conviction, Pinkela spent 272 days in prison and lost all his benefits even after decades of military service. Now he just wants "to get my life back and continue to serve my country and support my family."

By Mathew Rodriguez

CHLP Comments and Recommendations for Reform of HIV Policies in the Military

The Center for HIV Law and Policy issued comments and recommendations on the Department of Defense's (DOD) comprehensive review of the military justice system, including the structure and operation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).


By The Center for HIV Law and Policy