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A Queer Dietitian’s Guide to Eating for Anal Sex

Anal sex is just as much about what happens before it as what happens during it. To that end, keeping a healthy diet can make the act go much more swimmingly.

By Bobby Box
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Personal Stories

I Got a Colonoscopy; If You're Over 50 and Living With HIV, Please Do It Too

A colonoscopy is gross, uncomfortable, and utterly uncool. But it could save your life.

By Charles Sanchez

The Myth of the Loose Butthole

Don’t let fear of a loose hole keep you from experiencing the salacious splendors of butt stuff, if you’re inclined to try. Just be kind to yourself and listen to your body.

By Bobby Box
Demetre Daskalakis
News Analysis

Between COVID and a New Administration, What's to Come for the “Ending the HIV Epidemic” Plan?

The pandemic has definitely delayed things, say advocates, but overall the goal of stopping HIV in the U.S. by 2025 is still on track.

By Tim Murphy

Having More Options Makes PrEP More Viable

PrEP in the form of injections, vaginal rings, or medicated anal douches can give people options that work with their sexual life and desires.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Michael "Daphne" Alogna

An Amazing Documentary About 1950s NYC Drag Queens Will Be Widely Viewable Come January

‘P.S. Burn This Letter Please’ began with the discovery of an extraordinary cache of letters written among gays at the height of Eisenhower conservatism.

By Tim Murphy
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A Long COVID Winter Is Coming. How Can We Still Have Sex?

A lot of us may be looking at the months ahead and asking: How am I supposed to make it through this without getting the intimacy I need? Alex Garner and José García-Madrid have some answers.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

NYC’s Leather Daddy HIV Czar Is Going to the CDC—And Advocates Nationwide Are Thrilled

Demetre Daskalakis, M.D., who led New York City through seven years of bold programs that made the city’s HIV rates plunge, will take his prevention vision national starting Dec. 21.

By Tim Murphy
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Personal Stories

Finding Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Even the COVID-19 pandemic can’t stop our vulnerable, human hearts from wanting connection.

By Charles Sanchez
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I’m Restarting PrEP After a Few Months Off. How Long Before It Can Protect Me From HIV?

An approach called "on-demand" or "2-1-1" dosing can quickly bring PrEP up to highly protective levels.

By Damon L. Jacobs, L.M.F.T.