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HIV-Positive Cover Girl? Img
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HIV-Positive Cover Girl?

Openly HIV-positive Paige Rawl is a finalist for Seventeen Magazine's Pretty Amazing Real Cover Girl Contest. Voting is open until Aug. 1.

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Virginia: Teen AIDS Charity Ready to Fight City

Several weeks after the Virginia Beach, Va., mayor commended Teen AIDS Peer Corps in a Youth AIDS Prevention Day proclamation as a leader in promoting testing and educating Hampton Roads teens, city officials now are concerned about the local nonprof...

_Day One With HIV_: "I Needed Support From My Family and Friends" Img
Personal Stories

Day One With HIV: "I Needed Support From My Family and Friends"

"Here I was, 21 years old, admitted to a mental hospital for suicidal thoughts," recalls Kyle Martin. "And when I felt like I was on a somewhat steady path to stability, I get called into a room with a psychiatrist to tell me I was HIV positive."

_Day One With HIV_: "A Shadow Came Over My Head" (Videos) Img
Personal Stories

Day One With HIV: "A Shadow Came Over My Head" (Videos)

In a pair of videos, 24-year-old Patrick Ingram details how he became HIV positive, starting with his early years coming out as gay in high school.

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New York City Launches App to Teach Teens About Sexual Health

Mayor Bloomberg's administration has launched a new free app that provides New York City teens with information and resources for sexual health-related questions. The "Teens in NYC Protection +" app is intended to assist with the prevention of teen p...

Candace's AIDS News Update: A Blog Entry by Candace Y.A. Montague Img

Candace's AIDS News Update: A Blog Entry by Candace Y.A. Montague

Spring is here!!! (well ... according to the calendar it is). Time to update your news feed with information that you can read, use and share. Maybe it will spark your inner activist to come alive.

Magic Johnson and Ora Sure Partnership

Famed baske...

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Abstinence Added to Sex-Ed Legislation by Colorado State Senators: House Needs To Reconsider the Bill

The Colorado Senate sent House Bill 13-1081, a bill designed to update standards for sex education in Colorado schools, back to the state House of Representatives for additional consideration, after adding requirements that sex education programs emp...

One in Four Is Too Many Img

One in Four Is Too Many

A recent report on HIV among U.S. youth "is a vivid and compelling reminder [that] too many young people become infected and too few are tested for HIV," Evelyn Kappeler of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services asserts.

My Sex Life: Info for Young Poz People Img

My Sex Life: Info for Young Poz People

Table of Contents

Introduction Dating and Relationships Makin' Safer Sex Hotter Sex What to Do if We Think Our HIV-Negative Partner Has Been Exposed to HIV Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Hepatitis C (Hep C) Getting Tested Keepi...

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North Carolina: Condom Dispensers Promote Student Health and Safety

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) plans to install condom dispensers throughout the campus in an effort to promote public health. UNC-CH will install 10 dispensers in locations such as the Rams Head Recreation Center and the St...