Myths About HIV/AIDS

10 Harmful Myths About HIV/AIDS

When HIV first showed up in the 1980s, there were many questions, but few answers -- so people started making up their own. Old assumptions die hard, unfortunately; many of these myths still thrive today, despite plenty of evidence that they are not true.

By Warren Tong

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No, Dr. Sebi Did Not Have the Cure for HIV -- Despite Nipsey Hussle's Planned Documentary

There is real racism in our health care system, Kenyon Farrow writes -- and we need more black people to work with us to transform systems, not believe in false prophets.

By Kenyon Farrow

South Africa's Remarkable Journey Out of the Dark Decade of AIDS Denialism

South African activists, health care workers and scientists "were faced with a horrific epidemic and did the right thing," Glenda Gray and James McIntyre. "En masse they spoke truth to power. They were relentless in their pursuit of scientific evid...

By Glenda Gray and James McIntyre for The Conversation

When It Comes to Charlie Sheen's 'HIV Cure' Doc, 'Maverick' Is Just Another Word for Quack: A Blog Entry by Althea Fung

The word "maverick" was the frequent butt of comedian Bill Maher's 2008 election jokes, notes Fung. Now he's calling a man who claims to have cured cancer and AIDS a "medical maverick," as if he's to be taken seriously.

By Althea Fung

The Birth of PrEP Denialism

"Drug companies are greedy," opines Heather Boerner, "but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider PrEP."

By Heather Boerner

Rejecting Good Science on PrEP: Why Does It Happen?

Dr. Eugenie Scott shares theories about science denialism that could explain why people reject PrEP, as well as vaccines and climate change data.

By Emily Newman for BETA

Magic Johnson Wants You to Know He Isn't Cured of HIV, He's Just Taking His Meds

Magic Johnson took to the radio to set the story straight and put to bed years worth of rumors. For the record: He is not cured of HIV.

By Mathew Rodriguez

A Lost Gem: Victor Pond

In the light of the death of Victor Pond, a loved one writes about the danger of HIV denialist rhetoric.

By Verania Kenton for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

How HIV Denialism and Stigma Knocked Out Champion Boxer Tommy Morrison

Diagnosed in 1996, at the apex of his career in boxing, Morrison fought back against the notion that his HIV would develop into AIDS and end his life. The fighter quickly fell into a deep and intractable pattern of denial that would kill him 17 years...

By Drew Gibson

Persistent Myths About HIV

Here are 9 stubborn myths about HIV that need to be dispelled.

By Mathew Rodriguez

Spreading Ignorance With Authority

Last night, as I was busy taking care of my sick baby, I got a tweet that made me want to cuss. At the time, however, my baby girl was the focus. No sooner than I dismissed it from my mind, my girl Dwana, responded to the woman and set her straight i...

By Rae Lewis-Thornton

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