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Medical Schools in U.S., Canada Teaching Little About Gay Health

U.S. and Canadian medical schools devoted, on average, just five hours in their entire curriculum to teaching content related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients, according to a survey of the schools' deans.

Nine percent of the 132 d...

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Delayed seroconversion

I have a strange question that probably hasn't been asked before: I had given a blood donation (which was recalled before used) a week after my last sexual exposure to someone. I found out info after the donation that made me want to get HIV tested. ...

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Blood Donation Question

Greetings Dr. I give blood on a fairly regular basis and they should be calling soon again to solicit me. Here is my story: Business trip two weeks ago I kept running into the same lady in the hotel and we joined each other for dinner. We ended up in...

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Blood Test

Dr, I have been donating blood and during the donations they took samples for AIDs, the blood shows accepted after tested, does that means that I don't have AIDs?

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Dr Bob Greetings, i have tested positive for XMRV

Dr Bob i really hope you post this message people deserve to know that there is another retrovirus like HIV out there infecting people, i know this is an HIV website but i know of many "worried wells" that have tested positive for XMRV, and now going...

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Blood Donation

Hi, I donated blood earlier this year and after some time I received a letter from the post from the blood donation centre advising me that I could no longer donate blood as I had a reactive result on my specimen. Does this mean I m HIV positive?

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Need donation info, and a final answer.

I dont want to go into alot of detail on why or how it happened but my penis was in someones mouth for about 1 second. I later found out the person had AIDS. This was a little over a year ago. While I was unaware of the persons status I gave plasma a...

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False Negative Results

Hello Dr Bob, I Read And Hear About The False Positive Results That Comes Up Once In While When Donating Blood Because Of The Testing They Do. How About False Negative Results Thank You For You Time Anthony

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red cross goof up!

Dear Bob, I am (WAS) a regular platelet donor for red cross. Last time i donated platelets, i got a letter from them that they had detected HIV antibodies in my blood. (confirmatory test negative). I had no risk factors, so i was not worried. I repea...

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Donation letter / 2 Test negative

I had an in counter with a person 4.5 years ago, about 6 months after I was test at dr's office and it was non reactive for HIV I was told. 2 years ago I donated blood and I got letter saying ELISA pos Western Neg. I do remember that day having a sli...