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Activists Maintain Pressure After Chase Brexton CEO Resigns: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

Baltimore's largest provider of health care to the city's most vulnerable communities has experienced months of upheaval and staff discontent, and there is more work to do to reform the agency.

By Mark S. King for

Pregnant Guest Kicked Out of 'Charm Ball' Over Protest Fears: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

When blogger Itta Englander chose to join protesters at Chase Brexton's annual "Charm Ball" to voice concern over the direction of Baltimore's largest healthcare provider to the LGBT community, there was little doubt there would be some tension at th...

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Catching Up With Chase Brexton's 'Fired Five': A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

The five managers who were abruptly fired last month without notice by Chase Brexton, Baltimore's largest healthcare provider to the city's most vulnerable populations, met in person for the first time since their dismissal.

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The Human Toll of Chase Brexton's Union-Busting Efforts: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

"With a union organizing effort underway by employees at Chase Brexton Health Care in Baltimore ... senior management evidently tried one of the oldest, and most cruelly transparent, tricks in the playbook," Mark S. King writes. "They fired managers ...

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5th time asking. Are you not answering because you don't want to give me bad news

This is my 5th time asking and I'm beginning to get paranoid that you're ignoring me because you don't want to give me bad news. I recently had rabies immunoglobulin shots due to a bit in Thailand although I received the shots when I came home. I've ...

By Erik Glenn, M.A.

Treatment After Exposure to HIV

What Is Post-Exposure Prophylaxis? Who Should Use PEP? Should PEP Be Used for Non-Occupational Exposure? How Is PEP Taken? What Are the Side Effects? The Bottom Line For More Information

What Is Post-Exposure Prophylaxis?

Prophylaxis ...

By AIDS InfoNet

CDC Warns Against Sharing Insulin Pens

CDC has issued a new clinical reminder that using insulin pens on more than one person puts patients at risk for blood-borne infections such as hepatitis and HIV. Pens containing multiple doses of insulin are meant for use on a single patient only, a...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Listen to Donald's Story on POZIAM Radio: A Blog Entry by Robert Breining

On October 1, 2011 Robert Breining and Jeromy Dunn spoke with 27 year old Donald P., who shared his personal story with HIV/AIDS.

Working in pre-hospital care for ten years, the first thing you learn is to expect the unexpected. That statement never...

By Robert Breining

Ban on gay blood donors set to be lifted in the UK

Hi Dr Bob, Have you seen this news from the UK? Will the US follow suit? "Gay men will soon be able to donate blood after the Government moved to lift donor restrictions across the UK. A lifetime ban was put in place in the UK in the 1980s as a respo...

By Bob Frascino, M.D.

Medical Schools in U.S., Canada Teaching Little About Gay Health

U.S. and Canadian medical schools devoted, on average, just five hours in their entire curriculum to teaching content related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients, according to a survey of the schools' deans.

Nine percent of the 132 d...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network