Non-HIV Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Mind & Body

Making a Checklist for a Complete Bill of Sexual Health

Being a sexually healthy person means more than just using condoms. Be sure to take stock with our complete sexual wellness checklist.

By Gigi Engle
Keith Jerome, M.D., Ph.D.

What If We Could Finally Cure Herpes? This Scientist Is on the Case

Keith Jerome, M.D., has spent the last decade working on "molecular scissors" that can slice a latent herpes infection into oblivion.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
viral hepatitis

The ABCs of Viral Hepatitis

Three different viruses cause the liver disease known as hepatitis. Here's what you need to know about the differences between them, including treatment and prevention.

By Juan Michael Porter II
sexual trauma

Trauma Could Be Affecting Your Sex Life

Trauma can live inside our bodies, infiltrating nearly every aspect of our lives. You are not alone.

By Gigi Engle
condom on banana

How Gendered Sex Ed Damages Everyone

What we teach young people about puberty and sex sets everyone up to fail.

By Gigi Engle
Shay and TK

Look Out, Ohio: Shay and TK Are Here to Teach You About HIV, STIs, and Sexual Health

Through their online alter egos, two staffers at the HIV/LGBTQ health nonprofit Equitas share basics on HIV and STI prevention, plus how to advocate for yourself in the medical world as a person from a marginalized community.

By Tim Murphy

HIV and STI Disclosure When It’s Not Your Status to Share

If you have questions about whether or not you should disclose someone’s status, the answer is don’t do it.

By Juan Michael Porter II
HIV test kit

COVID-19 Has Thrown a Wrench in Location-Based HIV Testing

Agencies are increasing access to at-home testing, but it’s not enough to make up for the cutbacks to in-person testing services.


Prevention Experts, Community, Sound Alarm on LA’s Meth Crisis

COVID-19 may be fueling an increase in meth use, not reducing it.

By Larry Buhl
covering mouth

5 Reasons Why Herpes Isn’t on a Standard STI Panel

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are extremely common, can be controlled, and get this: They aren’t on the list of sexually transmitted infections you’re tested for when you go to the doctor for a screening.

By Gigi Engle