HIV Prevention and Transmission

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Dr. Julio Montaner, head of the BC Center for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

How One Canadian Province Hit Its Lowest Rate of HIV Transmission Ever

Despite the interruptions in testing and treatment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic elsewhere, Julio Montaner, M.D., and colleagues in British Columbia have nearly eliminated HIV there.

By Ray Mwareya
Black AIDS Institute board at USCA 2017

Black Women and PrEP: Confronting Barriers to Care

We explore the unique obstacles Black women face in accessing HIV preventive options and health care, and provide resources that help Black women feel seen, heard, and supported in their search for better, more equitable care.

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The National Failure on Sexual Health Education Fuels HIV Transmissions

A veteran teacher makes the case for educating youth about sexual health.

By Alejandro Acosta
CurtisSmithHERO copy

Curtis Smith Turned His AIDS Loss and Pain Into Service to Others

Curtis is the founder of Families Living with AIDS Care Center, a lifeline in what once was an HIV services desert in Southern California.

By Tim Murphy
Black female patient

Black Women Should Get to Decide Whether PrEP Is an Option

Despite Black women’s increased risk for HIV in the U.S., they are not being told about medication to prevent it.

By Candis Y. McDow
Black woman talking to doctor

Doctor Silent About HIV and PrEP? Here’s How Black Women Can Self-Advocate

If you are a Black woman, and your doctor doesn’t mention incorporating HIV prevention into your care, these questions may help guide the conversation.

By Dali Adekunle
PACHA members meet in October 2019 at a summit hosted by Florida's Care Resource HIV agency.

Will the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS Ever Be Useful Again?

PACHA started with a bang in the Reagan era. Since then, and especially under Trump, it’s never had much real impact. Could that change?

By Tim Murphy
Ivy Arce a Chinese-American living with HIV

Amid Hate Crimes, Asians and Pacific Islanders in HIV Say Relatively Low Numbers Shouldn’t Equal Invisibility

Asians and Pacific Islanders are often erased when it comes to HIV prevention, making these communities unable to share in the overall progress made in fighting HIV nationwide.

By Tim Murphy
Black woman in prison

To Tackle HIV Among Black Women, We Must Tackle the Racial Disparity Behind Bars

The collective harms of racism within mass incarceration contribute greatly to disproportionate HIV prevalence and outcomes within Black communities.

By Barbara Jungwirth
Demetre Daskalakis

Demetre Daskalakis on Leading HIV Prevention Efforts at the CDC

The former deputy commissioner for New York City’s department of health is ready to take on HIV prevention at a national level.

By Charles Sanchez