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SSA disability update report

I just got disability update report from social security administration for first time since Im digonceed with hiv and aids since 2005 Since that time Im getting ssid and Medicare My question is why ssa asking now And am I losing my medical and Medic...

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Dear Sir, Hope this E-mail find you well.Wanted to find out at what stage of it trial is PRO-140.When will it be available to patients.Does it have side effects as experienced by other class of HIV medication.Will it cause harm to kidney or liver or ...

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Special Diet

Is There A Special Diet That I Should Follow or Food Or Drinks That I Shouldn't Eat. 1. as an HIV positive person and 2. .that shouldn't be mixed with my meds?

Plant Compound More Potent Than AZT in Inhibiting HIV Replication Img
Vitamins & Supplements

Plant Compound More Potent Than AZT in Inhibiting HIV Replication

Scientists have discovered that a compound derived from the Southeast Asian plant justicia gendarussa has a greater effect than AZT in blocking HIV.

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vitamins with genvoya

Hello Dr, I will start genvoya soon and i also take multivitamin but i read there could be interaction or something like that. the pill that i take contains most of multivitamins and mineral supplements needed. I'm 40 years old, please advise

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Can Sermorelin or Magnesium increase/effect viral load

Earlier this year. My viral load was undetectable. My last two visits my viral load has been detectable. the only thing that Ive added in my daily regain is Sermorelin and Magnesium Malate pills. I was on Stribild and switch to Genoveya. Can either o...

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Egrifta Dosage

I am a 46 year old man living with HIV and have been prescribed Egrifta by my doctor. I have also recently begun the poWer cycle of testostetone and nandrolone. For the first several months I was receiving the Egrifta, I did not take it, so I have a ...

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CoQ10 and DHEA

Hi. I'm a female and take kivexa, ritonavir and atanazivir. Is it safe for me to take DHEA 75mg a day and coq10 600mg a day? No other health issues that I'm aware of. I can't seem to find a consistent answer. Probably because there isn't one! Many th...

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Genvoya pills and supplements

Hello sir!! The last month im under hiv med of ganvoya pills.. I wanted to ask you if i could continue the carbohydrate-protein supplement (NLS Gainer) and some months later i'm thinking to use the pre-workout (M-STAK of Animal) for 1-2 months. I rea...