What Is The Host Cell For Hiv

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hiv outside the host

Dr. Bob,We have all read that hiv does not survive well outside the body, but what exactly happens to it when it leaves the host? Does the cell wall collapse, or do the glycoproteins get degraded, or does the capsid "burst", or etc..? Have...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...Hi,HIV is an extremely tiny piece of genetic material that gets integrated into the genetic material of hostcells (CD4 cells, for example). HIV does not survive without viable hostcells. Hence, when HIV and/or HIV-infected cells are outside Read more »

How Can I Be Cured of HCV, But Not HIV?

Are these two viruses that dissimilar? I had HCV, went through the whole interferon thing -48 wks... Read more »

Reprograming HIV?

I guess we still don't know why HIV needs our immune cells to reproduce and not others less... Read more »
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Host T-Cell Control of HIV

... Immune Control and Immune Failure in HIV Infection (Symposium 164) Presented by B. Walker View the original abstract In this session Bruce Walker updated his Read more »
Treatment Action Group

Dendritic Cells in Drag: Inauspicious Debut for HIV Specific CTLs; New Concerns about IL-12; Neutralizing Approaches for "Bad" Cytokines; Parke-Davis Targets Cellular Factors

...wereless encouraging than those from the earlier CMV trial. No significant changes in CD4 or viral parameters were reported, and the cells appeared to have diminished survival after reinfusion, relative to the survival of cells in the CMV trial.... Read more »
University Hospital Heidelberg

How HIV Cripples Immune Cells

...stopped completely. The underlying mechanism of this observation was a complete mystery up to now, however. HIV modifies the cell structure system of the hostcells Viruses alter the support structures of affected cells, enabling them to... Read more »

The HIV Life Cycle

...assembled. Budding: The newly assembled virus pushes out ("buds") from the hostcell. During budding, the new virus steals part of the cell's outer envelope. This envelope, which acts as a covering, is studded with protein/sugar combinations... Read more »