Sickle Cell Anemia And Hiv

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sickle cell disease

my profesor told us today that it is imposssible for a person with sickle cell disease to contract HIV or AIDS. Is this true?
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

Response from Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...or correct his inaccurate information, he should be reported to his superiors.I'll post below some information about HIV and sickle cell anemia you can share with him as well.Dr. BobHIV AND SICKLE CELL DISEASEEPIDEMIOLOGYSickle cell disease (SCD)... Read more »

Question about anemia and sickle cell disease

Dr. Bob,I know that one of the largest populations with of HIV-positives with anemia is... Read more »

treating anemiam

what are some recent developments for curing or minimizing anemia and which people are subjected to... Read more »
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...Bristol-Myers Squibb. Hydroxyurea is sometimes referred to as HU. Hydroxyurea was approved for use against cancer. It also works against sickle cell anemia. Hydroxyurea has not been approved by the FDA for use against HIV. Hydroxyurea blocks an... Read more »
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Filgrastim (Neupogen)

...fever chills trouble breathing drowsiness loss of appetite In rare cases, filgrastim can cause an allergic reaction. Sickle cell anemia may get worse in people taking filgrastim. Be sure your health care provider knows if you have sickle... Read more »
The Well Project

Women, Anemia and HIV/AIDS

... Table of Contents What Is Anemia? Anemia and HIV What Causes Anemia? Diagnosis and Treatment Taking Care of Yourself What Is Anemia? Anemia is a medical problem Read more »
Black AIDS Institute

Executive Summary: Making Change Real management tool focusing on HIV/AIDS as well as prostate cancer/colorectal cancer, depression, cardiovascular disease and sickle cell anemia; The National Council of Negro Women hosted a panel discussion at its national convention, a... Read more »