Hiv Spread On Purpose By Infected People

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Can you get HIV if the person preparing your food got blood on your sandwich and you ate it right away??? This is of great concern to me. Please help me PLEASE! I donate money often
Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Response from Joseph McGowan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

North Shore University Hospital
...HIV is not easily tranmitted through the GI tract...that is eating food. Even the rates with oral sex have been too low to quantify Read more »


Thank you for responding to my question "HIV SPREAD FROM FOOD PREPARED BY HIV+ person" yesterday. I... Read more »

would hiv spread through shaking

I work in a hospital, when a hiv patient was going to fall, I helped her, she grab my hands at that... Read more »
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HIV/AIDS Advocates Speak Out After Kenyan Cabinet Member Discusses Viability of Isolating People Living With HIV/AIDS to Control Spread of Virus

... IRIN/ PlusNews reports on the recent statements a Kenyan cabinet member about isolating people living with HIV/AIDS as a means of controlling the spread of the virus and reactions by local and international HIV/AIDS advocates. On January Read more »
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Convicting HIV-Positive People Contributes to Spread of Virus, Opinion Piece Says

...viral load can be reduced, rendering them less infectious." She adds, "Therefore, criminalization of HIV actually leads to the spread of HIV" and deters people from talking about the virus. She concludes, "People should fear" HIV "rather than... Read more »
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South Dakota Gov. Rounds Signs Bill That Requires People Convicted of Intentionally Spreading HIV to Register as Sex Offenders

...Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds (R) recently signed a bill ( SB 65 ) into law that requires people convicted on intentionally spreading HIV to register as sex offenders after being released from prison, the AP/ Rapid City Journal reports. The law... Read more »
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Report Finds That HIV Cases in Baltimore Increasing Among People Ages 20-29, Calls on City to Do More to Fight Spread of Virus

...activities on a quarterly basis, the Sun reports. Sharfstein said the health department also is planning new methods to fight the spread of the disease among people who engage in commercial sex work to support their drug habits (Bor, Baltimore ... Read more »