Hiv Risks At Nail Salon

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Hey Dr Bob! Let me just start by saying hottie-to-trottie!!!lol too bad your gay! Now that I have your attention. I have a question that my family doctor calls anxiety driven, but I just feel like I want to be certain. My situation is that I have...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

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Hi,"OK, now that I read it, I see my doctor's point." Me too!Your IgG levels are normal; therefore, you do not have CVID by definition. (HIV wouldn't change this!)Your negative HIV-antibody test results are definitive and conclusive. No further HIV... Read more »

NAIL SALON FAN! i love you pls answer

Hi Dr. Bob,You are such an amazing human being! Really, your website is where i come too if i ever... Read more »

Very Scary Situation - Please Help Dr. Joeseph

Hello Dr. J. I hope you can help me. I go for facials to try to keep my face well kept. I had a... Read more »
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Women, Anemia and HIV/AIDS

...(tiredness) Difficulty breathing Rapid heart rate Pale skin Decreased pinkness of the lips, gums, lining of the eyelids, nail beds, and palms Feeling cold Confusion or loss of concentration Dizziness or fainting Sadness or depression ... Read more »
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Older Women: At Risk for HIV Infection

Table of Contents Older Women: An Overlooked Group Calling Attention to Transmission and Prevention Getting Tested for HIV HIV began mostly as a disease of young men, but today the epidemic impactspeople of all ages, including older... Read more »
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Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk for HIV?

Table of Contents Studies on the Risks of Oral Sex Tips for Safer Oral Sex Taking Care of Yourself The chances of HIV being transmitted from an HIV+ person to an HIV-negativeperson depends on the type of contact. HIV is most easily... Read more »
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...virus. FTC is very well tolerated. Early clinical trials reported an infrequent association with discoloration of the skin and nails, but this has not been a toxicity associated with the use of the combination "Atripla" nor Truvada to any... Read more »
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