Can You Get Hiv Without Open Cuts Through Vaginal Sex

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Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk for HIV?

...the unlubricated, flavoredones). If you perform oral sex without a condom, finish up with your hand, or spitsemen out and rinse with a mouthwash rather than swallowing. Use a dental dam or cut-open condom for oral sex on a woman or for rimming(licking the anus). Dental dams are squares made from latex. Put some water-based lube on oneside of the dental dam or a condom that has been cutopen. Then...
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massage on a re-opened cut/scratch/pimp

Buonasera dottoreI'm from Florence. I went to a chinese massage place in London where I was for business. It was a respected place suggested to my wife from a friend of her so I wasn't looking for nothing else than a back massage.Anyway I had a...
Robert J. Frascino, M.D.

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The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation
...romantic, Valentine gift. Tell her she was right (all wives love hearing that) and then have an entire night of wild fusion sex the way only Italians can!!!Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation... Read more »

Confusion about transmission of HIV

I have read that HIV can only be transmitted by introducing a LARGE dose of the virus directly into the bloodstream (i.e., through anal sex, by sharing needles in intravenous drug use, thru blood transfusion). It cannot be transmitted through...
Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

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Columbia University's Health & Related Services
...for infection than those who do not. This does not mean that the absence of STDs offers full protection from HIV during heterosexual sex. Even during "normal" heterosexual sex, microscopic tears in the vaginal wall can occur, which may not be... Read more »

Question #1: Can HIV be passed by kissing someone who has given oral sex to a third person?Question #2: Kissing and licking a small cut or scrape?Question #3: Protected Sex with a woman

Question #1: In a threesome with a couple, I kissed a guy who had just finished giving oral sex to his boyfriend for a couple of minutes. Although, the third guy was no where near cumming, he may have had some pre-cum. I have no idea. I also have no...
Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

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Nevada State Health Division AIDS Program
...breastmilk (under the circumstances described) are very remote. The chances that the third individual was exposed to the womans vaginal secretions (having a direct access to his bloodstream) was also unlikely. Technically just about anything is... Read more »

Invisible cuts on fingers?

I was reading "Understanding and Preventing AIDS: A book for everyone" byChris Jennings (Available at this web-site) and it states: "Exposure to blood, either on the hands or inthe eyes and mouth, have been responsible for HIV infection among...
Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Response from Rick Sowadsky, M.P.H.

Nevada State Health Division AIDS Program
...for your question.HIV must enter the bloodstream in order to infect you. HIV can enter yourbloodstream either through a fresh opencut on the skin, or through a mucousmembrane. Mucous membranes are found on the head of the penis, the... Read more »
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HIV and Safer Sex

...much riskier. Use a mint instead of brushing your teeth before sex. Fisting, Handballing or Fingering Paper cuts and other openings in the skin can make your hands vulnerable to infection. Wearing latex gloves keeps you protected during... Read more »
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Safer Sex Guidelines enter the penis, especially if it has contact with HIV-infected blood or vaginal fluids for a long time or if it has any open sores. Some men think that they can't transmit HIV if they pull their penis out before they reach orgasm. This isn't... Read more »
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Stopping the Spread of HIV your mouth. If HIV-infected blood or sexual fluid gets inside your body, you can get infected. This can happen through an open sore or wound, during sexual activity, or if you share equipment to inject drugs. HIV can also be spread from a... Read more »
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What You Should Know about Oral Sex

...or plastic condom may be used on the penis to reduce the risk of oral-penile transmission. If your partner is a female, a cut-open condom or a dental dam can be used between your mouth and the vagina. Similarly, regardless of the sex of your... Read more »