Indirect Contact With Vaginal Fluids Hiv Risk

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HIV Testing

...and declined 95% to 48 in 2004, largely because of the effectiveness of ensuring that pregnant women are encouraged to be tested for HIV and, for those who are infected, to receive treatments that can significantly reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to a newborn. The CDC reports that perinatal transmission rates can be reduced to less than 2% if women are aware that they are infected with HIV and take appropriate treatments to prevent...
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Indirect vaginal fluid on chapped lips

Dr. KullSometime ago I was at the strippers bar and at that place itself I touch one of the strippers vagina for a brief 15 seconds. In a minute or 2, I subsequently fondled my same fingers on her breasts. Then I kissed her breasts. I had chapped...
Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Response from Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Columbia University's Health & Related Services
...Mother-to-infant: either through delivery or during breast feeding If you are not engaging in any of the above activities, the risk of transmission is theoretical, at best. RMK Read more »

Indirect Transfer of Body Fluid.. How Much at Risk?

Dear Dr. Remien: Thank you so much for this forum. Here's my question.... recently I shared a brief encounter with a stripper while inside a club. I touched her vaginal area with one finger... no penetration ... but there was contact with...
Robert H. Remien, Ph.D.

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Columbia University
...Please submit this question to The Body's Safe Sex and HIV Prevention Forum Read more »

Is this high risk rated?

Dear Dr.:I would like to know how much risk of HIV infection can bring touching ones anal rim after anal sex (with condom) and having an indirect mouth contact with that hand (like touching your penis with that hand and getting another man make a...
Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Response from Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Columbia University's Health & Related Services
...I'm not sure if I understand exactly what you think your risk is. Try to think about it this way:Any time HIV infected fluids, such as blood, semen or vaginal secretions, come into contact with your mucous membranes (the lining of the vagina,... Read more »

100th try: Please answer this!!

Please answer me!! I have a burning question on getting fluids indirectly into the eye.In April this year I was with a college student and we were fooling around in bed. No penetration or so. I only rubbed her vagina thru her already wet underwear....
Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Response from Ryan M. Kull, C.S.W

Columbia University's Health & Related Services risk for infection. Sexual transmission of HIV occurs during vaginal, anal, and oral sex. It is not transmitted through contact with a person's underwear, regardless of the location of the contact. Testing is not necessary.RMK Read more »
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The Evidence That HIV Causes AIDS

...system deterioration and an increased risk for developing AIDS. Conversely, patients with low levels of virus have a much lower risk of developing AIDS. For example, in an anlysis of 1,604 HIV-infected men in the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study... Read more »
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Basic Facts About HIV/AIDS

... How many people are affected by HIV/AIDS? How is HIV transmitted? How is HIV not transmitted? How can I reduce my risk of becoming infected with HIV through sexual contact? Are there other ways to avoid getting HIV through sex? Is... Read more »
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Oral Sex: What's the Real Risk for HIV?

...activity, people have reportedlybecome infected with HIV in this way. A number of studies have tried todetermine the exact level of risk of oral sex, but it can be difficult to getaccurate information from study participants. Since oral sex is... Read more »
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Older Women: At Risk for HIV Infection

...aging women, there is another consideration. Vaginal walls becomethinner and can tear more easily and there is a decrease in the fluids thatlubricate. This can put an older woman at higher risk during unprotectedsex. Health care and social... Read more »