Men With HIV Who Did Chemsex Were Three Times Unhappier With Their Sex Lives, Study Finds

A European study of gay men with HIV found that those who did “chemsex” were three times unhappier with their sex lives than those who did not.

By Tim Murphy
Black teen unrecognizable

Embracing What We Know and Don’t Know About Robert Rayford

We know very little about Robert Rayford, a teenager who died of HIV in 1969. Despite this, there is still so much we can learn from him.

By Theodore Kerr
Boomer Banks

The OnlyFans Porn Ban—and Reversal—Led to Our Spicy Chat With Openly HIV+ Porn Powerhouse Boomer Banks

TheBody sat down and spoke with HIV+ adult performer and activist Boomer Banks to talk about the OnlyFans porn reversal and what it's like working in the adult entertainment industry.

By Tim Murphy
Maxfield Haynes

The Hottest Men in Dance, 2021 Edition

Though each of these dancers is runway worthy, they eclipse standard measurements of masculinity while defining what it means to be gorgeous on their own terms.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Paul Rudnick

Pretty, Witty, and Gay: Revisiting HIV Classic ‘Jeffrey’ With Paul Rudnick

We chatted with the amazing Paul Rudnick about his effervescent comedy on the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 1990s—a remarkable play-turned-film that almost never saw the light of day.

By Charles Sanchez

Along the Road to Joy: Soul Music and a Shift in Perspective

For many Black gay men, the path to freedom and self-expression is anything but a straight line.

By Monte J. Wolfe
Salih edit2

Zak Salih Talks About His New Intergenerational Gay Novel, ‘Let’s Get Back to the Party’

Set in D.C. the summer before Trump’s win, the story toggles between two childhood friends—lovelorn, moody Sebastian and angry, sex-focused Oscar.

By Tim Murphy
LastCall edit copy

Elon Green's 'Last Call' Revisits the Serial Killer Who Stalked NYC’s Early ’90s Gay Piano Bars

Elon Green’s Last Call is an investigative deep dive into grisly murders that were ultimately solved but mostly forgotten.

By Tim Murphy
Personal Stories

Dealing With a Lifetime of Body-Image Problems During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Black gay man living with HIV, Monte J. Wolfe has strived to navigate body shaming his entire life. But since COVID-19 lockdowns began, his coping mechanisms have been strained to the limit.

By Monte J. Wolfe

Pro Bottoms Offer Their Best Tips for Your Butthole

We reached out to some of the industry’s most talented asses for their tips on taking your anal talents to impressive new heights.

By Bobby Box