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"We are diverse people living with HIV, united to promote self-empowerment and enhanced quality of life for HIV-affected individuals through advocacy, education, peer support, and treatment activism."

AIDS Survival Project closed in 2008.

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Latest by AIDS Survival Project

Joseph Arthur Greenwood, 1959-2008

Joseph Arthur Greenwood, 1959-2008Joseph Arthur Greenwood (Joe) passed away very peacefully on Thursday, October 2, 2008, at Piedmont Hospital from complications due to cardiac arrest. Joe fought a valiant battle for many years against HIV/AIDS. He d...

By AIDS Survival Project

New Experimental Drug Integrase Inhibitor (MK-0518)

For the last six years, treatment has driven the AIDS agenda. Just this past summer, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Prezista, a new Protease Inhibitor, as well as Atripla, the first once-daily single tablet regiment for adults with...

By George E. Burgess for AIDS Survival Project

Reason, Rationality and Madness and the AIDS Epidemic

This month, as we look towards the future of AIDS activism, I would like to share the following speech given by noted AIDS activist Gregg Gonsalves. His views on treatment activism clearly explain not only how important this issue remains if we have ...

By Gregg Gonsalves for AIDS Survival Project

Cruising With Lazarus

Beyond the idea that perhaps God -- bored with the usual floods, earthquakes and locust -- created HIV as an alternative plague to punish us wicked humans, there have been other interesting theories about the origin of the virus that causes AIDS, t...

By David Salyer for AIDS Survival Project

25 Years of AIDS and HIV: Denial and the Global Epidemic 1999-2004

On June 5, 1981, the CDC introduced the world to the disease the eventually became known as AIDS. This is the third article in a series that looks back at some of the major milestones of the past 25 years. Parts 1-3 of this series can be found in the...

By Jeff Graham for AIDS Survival Project

Addressing the Rise in HIV Rates Among Young African-American MSM

With the summer months soon approaching, we here at AIDS Survival Project usually see a rise in the number of people testing positive for HIV. Young African-American Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) 18-26 years of age are testing positive at a distu...

By Maurice Bell for AIDS Survival Project

Cruising With Lazarus

Twenty-five years have passed since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published the first report of a mysterious disease killing homosexual men in Los Angeles. According to the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, all the men h...

By David Salyer for AIDS Survival Project

25 Years of AIDS and HIV: ACTing Up From 1987-1992

Learn MoreAdditional 1987-1992 information:ACT UP New YorkAvert.orgHistory of Ryan White CARE ActMark Harrington bioMartin Delaney bioIris Long interviewHistory of AIDS drug developmentThe Red RibbonElizabeth Glaser 1992 speechBob Hattoy 1992 speechM...

By Jeff Graham for AIDS Survival Project

Who Wouldn't Watch a Gay, Poz, Dating Reality Show?

I'm single. I'm gay. I'm living with HIV. I want my own reality show. Someone from the BRAVO television network, or even VH-1, should call me. Seriously. These are the people who gave us Project Runway (temperamental wannabe fashion designers are j...

By David Salyer for AIDS Survival Project

HIV Funding in the U.S.: What Lies Ahead for 2006?

As we start 2006, I'm haunted by a strange sense of déjà vu. Although 2005 was to have been the year of both a reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act and a focus on increased federal appropriations, neither happened by the end of the year. Cong...

By Jeff Graham for AIDS Survival Project