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Help Is Just a Call Away

For the past two weeks, Jane has been nervous because the condom her boyfriend was using broke while they were having sex. He has HIV, and now she's wondering if she might as well but doesn't know how to find out.

Esteban knows how important it is...

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Pride and Prejudice

It's the time of year again for the "Gay Pride Parade" and I want to go but as a gay Christian I am always disturbed by the behaviors of many of the participants in the parade. Why do so many homosexuals have to act so outrageous on Pride Day? How ...

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Comunidad y Recursos de VIH

Antonio Hernández: El Perfil Humano de un Activista

El origen, la dedicación y la motivación de los activistas es un enigma para muchos. Su vida diaria está plagada de una incomprensible -- aparentemente irracional y masoquista -- lucha. Antonio Hernández jamás imaginó la dirección de su destino cua...

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Employment Is a Treatment That Works

The year was 1988. The future did not look promising for many people. The virus had been destroying lives for a number of years, and most prescription drugs were having limited effects on people who were ill.

Drs. Jeffery Greene and Linda Laubenst...

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Fight or Flight, Stay or Leave?

I recently joined an HIV-positive support group at my case manager's urging -- she felt I could get additional support from the group -- and that is the sole reason I am a member. This is my third week and I don't want to go back since I feel so co...

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Mind & Body

A Winter Tour of Harlem

How does our environment affect how we feel, physically and emotionally, on any given day? How does it affect our health? The risks we take with it?

These are questions that Dr. Mindy Fullilove, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Publi...

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A Winter Gallery

Photographer Robert O'Donel shared with Body Positive some of his impressions of the chilly winter of 2002-2003. "I love the snow and I love to share with everybody what my eyes see. I especially wanted to share these images with readers of Body Posi...

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smart (smärt), adj. ... having or showing intelligence or ready mental capability ... clever, witty, or readily effective ... (The Random House College Dictionary, Revised Edition, 1984)SMART. Sisterhood Mobilized for AIDS/HIV Research and Treatment....

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El tratamiento del VIH

Cómo Funcionan las Medicinas Antiretrovirales

Para entender cómo actúan las medicinas en el tratamiento del VIH, debemos conocer primero algunos detalles sobre la forma en que el virus se multiplica en el organismo. Para información más detallada sobre cómo el VIH invade las células T4 y se re...

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Personal Stories

My Journey of Transformation

It was October 1995, that much I can tell you, but don't ask me the date or the week. Autumn was setting in and a last visual impression -- my blurred reflection on the glass doors -- was engraved in my mind. Like me, other patients sat in the wait...