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"Is It AIDS or Is It Aging?"

As an HIV/AIDS nutritionist and health educator, I work with many people who are over 50. I know that aging brings on medical, economic, social, nutritional and energy problems even in the absence of any disease. HIV disease creates similar problem...

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HIV Vaccine Development and Volunteering for Vaccine Trials

The following interview was conducted Dr. J. Buzz von Ornsteiner, a clinical psychologist, Body Positive magazine columnist, and host of the radio show "Ask Dr. Buzz." This interview is transcribed from a broadcasted interview with Dr. Beryl Koblin, ...

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Crystal Meth, HIV and the Gay Community

Art by John McRae.

Tom, a 24 year-old white gay man from the south, recently came out to his family after relocating to New York to attend graduate school. Although he was excited about this step forward in terms of his academic and personal life, h...

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A Place to Call Home: Housing Help for New Yorkers With HIV

The old adage says, "There's no place like home," and I believe most people would agree. But what happens when a person has no home, particularly a person living with HIV/AIDS?

"There are 47,000 people with AIDS in New York City, and 31,000 of the...

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Incarcerated People

Crisis of the Confined: HIV in Prison

Some people have always been genuinely interested in what transpires behind prison walls. For the ill informed, one perception or another is available for the taking. Those of us doing time are routinely probed about prison. The probers are intrigu...

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Mixed-Status Couples

The Disclosure Dilemma: Telling Your Family Your Partner Has HIV

My boyfriend and I have been dating around three months and we have decided to move in with each other. He told me he was HIV-positive right from the start, and has been on disability for a while now. My boyfriend indicates no signs of getting sick...

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The HIVe: A Social Group for HIV-Positive Gay Men in New York City

The HIVe was created almost two years ago to provide safe environments in which HIV gay men could socialize in NYC without disclosure of HIV status being a major issue. Several guys got together over the course of many weeks to brainstorm, and then...

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Personal Stories

"I Still"

I still ... miss you even if you don't miss me. think of you even if you don't think of me. wonder whether you were really my special friend or just another man playing pretend?

I won't believe that it was a lie, that all the love, passion, lust, ...

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"Ask Dr. Buzz": Call-in Radio Show on HIV-Related Issues

This spring, Body Positive began piloting an innovative strategy for reaching people at risk for HIV: a call-in radio show offering advice about HIV/AIDS issues from a licensed clinical psychologist who offers immediate referrals to the programs and ...

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I remember spending the week after our first date waiting for the phone to ring, or at least for it to ring with Alby on the other end. I had asked him out, after all, so now it was his turn. But the pain ... I thought about him while I was getting r...