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Body Positive, Inc., of New York City is no longer providing programs and services, and Body Positive and SIDAahora magazines have ceased publication. The archives of articles from those two magazines will continue to be hosted at The Body.

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New York City's Division of AIDS Services, Public Assistance, SSI, SSD, and You

There are benefits and services which can help you if you are HIV-positive. Public Assistance (Welfare), the Division of AIDS Services (DAS), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Social Security Disability (SSD) are four of the government benefit ...

By Cynthia Schneider and Lauren Shapiro for Body Positive
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25 Years of AIDS: A Timeline

It has never been established when HIV first made the leap from primates in the jungles of Central Africa to begin infecting humans, but it appears that it happened sometime in the second half of the 20th century. In retrospect, we know that people m...

By Body Positive
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Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Physical Fitness

Walk a little extra such as by parking away from the entrance or getting off the bus or train a stop early.

By Gary Rosard for Body Positive
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Creed -- You Are Not Alone

Maybe you have tested HIV-positive very recently; maybe you've known it for some time, but this is the first time you've reached out for information or support. You need to know that you are not alone. There are an estimated 1 million HIV-positive pe...

By Jim Lewis and Michael Slocum for Body Positive
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Ten Things You Can Do to Reduce Stress

Notice something about nature every day. Feeling connected to our world is part of any spiritual practice. Even if you live in the city, you can notice the sky, the phase of the moon, the shape of a tree.

Laugh, since studies have shown that laugh...

By Gary Rosard for Body Positive
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Comunidad y Recursos de VIH

Credo -- Tú No Estás Solo

Quizás diste positivo a la prueba del VIH muy recientemente; quizás ya lo sabías por algún tiempo, pero ésta es la primera vez que has buscado información o apoyo. Necesitas saber que no estás solo. Se estima que hay alrededor de 2 millones de pers...

By Michael Slocum, Jim Lewis and Luis López Detrés for Body Positive
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Health Coverage

HIV Special Needs Plans: A New Health Care Option for New York Medicare Recipients (and Their Children)

Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, advocates, consumers and providers have argued that comprehensive, high quality, health care for people living with HIV/AIDS (PWHAs) is a basic right. To achieve that goal, the New York State Department o...

By Doug Wirth for Body Positive
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Tips for Initiating and Adhering to Your First Antiretroviral Regimen

Challenges When Starting Antiretroviral TreatmentYour doctor has just recommended that you start antiretroviral treatment for HIV and you are struggling with what to do. You've heard all about side effects from some of the treatments and you have hea...

By Laurie Newman and Carmen Rodriguez for Body Positive
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A Comprehensive Treatment Approach to HIV: Reducing Toxicity, Including Micronutrients, and Maintaining Effectiveness

During the past decade, the treatment of HIV has evolved in many ways. We now have over 25 drugs with which to treat this infection. Laboratory testing includes "ultra" sensitive viral load tests and phenotype resistance evaluations. And the frequenc...

By Jon Kaiser for Body Positive
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Vitamins & Supplements

Using Natural Therapies to Make HIV Treatment Even More Effective

Antiretroviral therapy has changed the face of HIV over the last decade and a half. Patient life expectancy has increased tremendously and we no longer associate many of the opportunistic infections as early-onset symptoms. Drug regimen pill burdens ...

By JoAnn Yanez for Body Positive