Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
475 Riverside Drive, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10115
Contact to find a support group for alcoholics in your area.

American Liver Foundation
1425 Pompton Ave.
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
1-888-4-HEP-ABC (1-888-443-7222)
This group uses research and education to prevent, treat, and attempt to cure hepatitis and other liver diseases. 1-800-GO-LIVER (1-800-465-4837); (Hepatitis and Liver Disease Hotline)
Hours: 9 AM-7:30 PM, Monday-Friday
Languages: English and Spanish
A great source for information and support groups.

Center for Liver Disease at the University of Miami School of Medicine
1500 NW 12th Ave., Suite 1101
JMT East
Miami, FL 33136
8:30 AM-5 PM
Contact this center for information on hepatitis and other liver diseases or for doctor referrals.

Hep C Connection
117 Grant St.
Denver, CO 80203
1-800-522-HEPC (1-800-522-4372)
1-303-860-0800 (Colorado residents)
Call for referrals to support groups.

Hepatitis Resource Network
240 Stadium Way South
Tacoma, WA 98402
1-253-274-0928 FAX 1-253-274-1730.
A non-profit organization whose goal is to increase the involvement of ID specialists in cooperation with GI specialists, in both the research and treatment of viral hepatitis.

Latino Organization for Liver Awareness
P.O. Box 842 , Throgs Neck Station
Bronx, NY 10465
Languages: English and Spanish
Hours: 9 AM-5 PM, Eastern Time
Provides counseling for people with liver disease.

Texas Liver Coalition
One Riverway
Houston, TX 77056
1-800-72-LIVER (1-800-725-4837)
1-713-626-4959 Fax: 1-713-626-4960
Offers information on hepatitis and directs patients in the Houston area to support groups.

The Hepatitis C Foundation
1502 Russett Drive
Warminster, PA 18974
1-215-672-2606 Fax: 1-215-672-1518
Hours: 9 AM-5 PM, Monday-Friday
If you are faced with hepatitis in any capacity,contact this group for support and information.

The Hepatitis Foundation International
30 Sunrise Terrace
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
Call to find out more about hepatitis.

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