Aug. 15, 2017: The End of's Bulletin Boards

Executive Editor

It's with sadness that we announce the imminent shutdown of's Bulletin Boards, which will take place around Aug. 15, 2017.

We've been experiencing serious technical problems with the boards for quite a while now. These problems are related mostly to the age of the software that makes the boards run; it's nearly 20 years old and has long since stopped being updated by its creator.

We've considered many options to upgrade or reinvent these boards, but ultimately realized that the complexity of such a project would be too great, and that we're too small a team to continue maintaining the bulletin boards, particularly given how little use they see these days and how many other methods are available for having conversations on the web.

To those of you who have been loyal bulletin board members, readers or even moderators over the years, please know we're deeply appreciative for the role you've played not just in making's community better, but in making the entire HIV community stronger. At their peak in the 2000s,'s Bulletin Boards were extremely popular and changed lives every day. We'll always be proud of the role they played in informing and supporting people living with, affected by or concerned about HIV, and in giving people a safe, anonymous place to share their stories.

When the boards are taken offline around Aug. 15, 2017, all posts, threads and member pages will cease to exist, including private messages. So if there's anything you'd like to save for posterity, now is the time to do it.

If you have questions regarding the shutdown of these boards, please email us at

Thank you for reading and for using our bulletin boards. Their retirement changes nothing about our core mission: We'll continue to devote ourselves to making the web's most complete, authoritative and supportive resource in existence on HIV.

Myles Helfand, Executive Editor,