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"Talking About AIDS and HIV Is Serious, but I'm Such a Knuckle-Head Goofball"

What do you get when you put two sweater queens together with old Hollywood magazines, an ongoing crisis, creativity, a lot of heart and a camp sensibility: the artists prvtdncr and bodega vendetta.

Artists living on the West Coast, prvtdncr and bod...

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Three Questions for LGBT Archivist Marjorie Bryer: Documenting Stories of Pain, Courage and Love

Visual AIDS reposts an interview from the GLBT Historical Society & The GLBT History Museum

Marjorie Bryer brings exceptional experience to her post as managing archivist at the GLBT Historical Society. She has been involved with the institution for...

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Final Design for NYC AIDS Memorial Unveiled

The New York City AIDS Memorial's Board of Directors recently unveiled its latest renderings for the design of the memorial. Next up: a campaign to raise $4 million to pay for the memorial's design and construction.

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"I Imagine Gay Men Who Lived Through AIDS at Its Most Ravaging Will Never Stop Thinking About It"

The film Four explores one night in four people's lives, touching on sexuality, HIV, desire and how we get what we want from others. Christopher Shinn, who wrote the play on which Four was based, talks about understanding HIV and trusting your au...

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"When ACT UP Is Remembered, Other Places, People and Forms of AIDS Activism Are Disremembered"

In the first of this two part blog series, Alexandra Juhasz explained her thinking around "Queer Archive Activism." In this second post, Juhasz shares her thoughts on the real world application of "Queer Archive Activism."

Visual AIDS: What will be ...

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Visual AIDS Discusses Their Event "Positive Assertions"

Last night as President Obama offered his State of the Union, including his hope to realize, "the promise of an AIDS-free generation," a cozy room of artists, activists, advocates, the curious, and the friendly, gathered in room 310 of The LGBT Cente...

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"I Made My Mourning Productive, Collective and Interactive Through Video Production"

In just the past couple of years, we've seen a surge of films reflecting back on the worst years of the HIV crisis in the U.S. To get a better sense for why, Visual AIDS speaks with video artist, activist and academic Alexandra Juhasz.

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Death Does Not Equal Silence

"The lethargy and apathy we may see now around HIV/AIDS is in part of Koch's legacy," Visual AIDS writes about former New York City mayor Ed Koch, who passed away last month. "People in power like Koch and Reagan made it OK to say and do nothing for ...

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Wisdom in Being United in Anger

Anger is a natural. For some of us, it is how we tap into our sadness, deal with our frustration, and it’s what gets some of us up in the morning. When dealing with HIV, anger is part of life: anger with doctors who don’t listen, first dates that never ...

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