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Jim Eigo Discusses How to "Play Smart"

Jim Eigo -- writer, veteran ACT UP member and star of "How to Survive a Plague" -- shares his thoughts on the role community has played in his life.

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Ricardo Gamboa Discusses How to "Play Smart"

Artist and activist Richard Gamboa discusses what HIV prevention means to him, and how "solidarity" is really a way of "running the same risks."

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Dee Borrego Discusses How to "Play Smart"

Dee Borrego is a 30-year-old woman, who since being diagnosed with HIV at the age of 20 has been on the forefront national HIV/AIDS activism. For Visual AIDS, Borrego has written an essay in which she talks about the anger and frustration she had tow...

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Art, Shoes and Nancer LeMoins

HIV-positive artist Nancer LeMoins writes about her life, her latest series, "Women On the Shoe," and how you can help her by donating your old shoes.

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Dallas Buyers Club Considered

Writer Anthony Easton gets past the shine of Dallas Buyers Club's awards and discusses what it's about, what it's trying to say, and where it fails.

By Anthony Easton for Visual AIDS

Visual AIDS Signs On to an Open Letter to CDC Regarding Testing, Risk of Gay, Bi and Other MSM

Open Letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on 2013 MMWR Report on HIV Testing and Risk of US Gay, Bisexual and other MSM[1]:

**A call to re-evaluate language, methods and recommendations in order to support men's health an...

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"I'm Not Fighting for My Life, I'm Fighting for the Lives of All People" -- Lamont Valentin

Lamont Valentin, a 29-year-old HIV-positive man, died on Dec. 3rd on a New York City bus. He might still be alive today were it not for a discriminatory, outdated medical practice.

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As We Canonize Certain Producers of Culture We Are Closing Space for a Complication of Narratives

"It is not the remembering and it is neither the history, nor the material culture nor the valorization of the battles won and lost that impedes our movement forward," writes Vincent Chevalier and Ian Bradley-Perrin for their poster/VIRUS artist stat...

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AIDS Artists and Activists Frederick Weston and Jessica Whitbread in Discussion

Two artists and activists living with HIV discuss their greatest works of art -- themselves.

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AIDS Graphics on Walls: Tracing the History of the AIDS Epidemic Through AIDS Posters

To post something today conjures Facebook and Twitter, but when the AIDS epidemic was first coming to the attention of the world there was no widespread Internet use, and posting meant on the wall. Information to promote AIDS awareness and safe pract...

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