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Jessica Whitbread: 'She Who Smiles With the Strength of a Thousand Warrior Women'

As a queer woman living with HIV, artist and activist Jessica Whitbread explores her own sexuality and curiosity, often in public places, in hopes of making it easier for others to do the same.

By Visual AIDS

Tiger Blood/Bad Blood: Pop Goes HIV

Ted Kerr's pop-sick brain started singing "Tiger Blood" to the tune of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" and it became clear: HIV criminalization is like a Swift song -- worthy of further consideration, often rooted in revenge.

By Theodore Kerr for Visual AIDS

How Injustice Politicized Early AIDS Activists

In this interview with the director of HBO's Larry Kramer in Love & Anger, the director goes into the anger and frustration that fuels some of the epidemic's most memorable activism.

By Maia Paroginog for Visual AIDS

Jose Luis Cortes' En Blanco y Negro: Gay and Boricua

Visual AIDS artist member Jose Luis Cortes discusses the Philadelphia exhibition that he hopes will make people feel sadness, love, pleasure and loneliness.

By Visual AIDS

A History of the Red Ribbon

Why make art in response to AIDS? The people behind the red ribbon discuss their decision to make the iconic awareness symbol.

By Visual AIDS

A Gay HIV-Positive Chinese Immigrant Artist Rejects the Labels

Artist Tseng Kwong Chi's sister discusses his work, and how it reflected the life of an HIV-positive immigrant.

By Maia Paroginog for Visual AIDS

When Time Can Cure What Meds Cannot

How has time changed the meaning of living with HIV? In this analysis of an artist-made video, the writer discusses PTSD, the power of time and getting to live with HIV "casually."

By Visual AIDS

Connections Between Black Lives Matter and the HIV Movement

Since its inception in 2007, Black Lives Matter has been a lens through which to view American racism. Can we view the fight against HIV through that lens, as well?

By Visual AIDS

How Is Silence Equals Death Relevant Post-Ferguson?

Christian Liclair discusses the ACT UP slogan "Silence = Death" and what it means during this time of racial unrest in the United States.

By Christian Liclair for Visual AIDS

Forgetting ACT UP and Reducing the Past to One Moment

Coming out of an event in New York City, this piece discusses what happens when we continuously remember ACT UP instead of remembering all the activism that happened in the AIDS crisis.

By Ted Kerr for Visual AIDS